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April 03, 2009

Admiration for teacher

I worked in the Hickman Mills School District when David Anstaett taught gifted students (3/16, A-1, “Suspension doesn’t mean learning ends”). They were fun kids to work with because of their creativity, and the students adored Mr. Anstaett.

Then one day he left his job working with gifted kids to work with another group of students — the kids who were labeled “at risk.” He started a program for the students who were not successful in school. They were often the students who spent time in the principal’s office or the in-school suspension room or out-of-school suspension. Dave hand-selected teachers he thought would work best in his program, and he ran it the way he thought it should be done.

I admired how hard he worked. I became a big fan of what he did for our students, for our families and for our school district.

There are too few people who do the right thing. It is easier for many people to turn the other way. Thanks Dave, for never turning the other way. Thanks for never giving up on our children.

Terry Murphy-Latta
Cleveland, Mo.


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