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April 07, 2009

Checked out KC Library lately?

If you use the Kansas City Public Library, you know it has blossomed into a major cultural asset for the metro area. The director, R. Crosby Kemper III, is the kind of enlightened anti-bureaucrat who can turn the run-of-the-mill into something culturally vibrant and enriching. Just take a look online, if you haven’t already, at the discussions, recitals and performances the library offers. The online catalog is a jewel.
I can recall the old Kansas City Public Library. It was, well, functional. Today Kansas City has one of the best libraries in the country. In October 2008, the library received a national award for museum service.

Anyone using this outstanding resource ought to become a “friend” to show their appreciation and to help keep it culturally turbocharged.

Michael Zygmunt
Kansas City



..."shockingly nice".....


Roger Lambert

The downtown and Plaza libraries are shockingly nice. Good for KCMO for getting something right for once.




With the recall effort kicking up, they might not be needing the satellite office much longer.


The library will a much better place when the mayor and hi co-mayor stop conducting city business in it.

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