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April 07, 2009

Could Britney Spears get into P&L District?

How would the dress code apply to someone who went to the Power & Light District dressed like Britney Spears was dressed for her “concert” at the Sprint Center? Seems like a dress code is moot when someone appears looking like a hooker.
Michael Horton
Kansas City




It is kind of funny that my neighbor 2 doors south can flash her boobs at the P&L but my neighbor across the street can't get in if his shirt says FUBU.

Funny in an only in America way.

Keith Williams3

LOL! I hear you Solomon.

This is an issue that will never die although you hope it will. I will never be white nor any other race and same goes for the opposite so to label a culture of people and think you are better is degrading and UN American. It happened with slavery, it happened with the holocaust and it happened in Africas genocide (black on black) and it is happening everyday in this day and age.

You dont look like me, you dont dress like me therefore you must be a "thug" you might kill me or rob me BUT I will come to your hood and while you pay taxes on the community playground you cant play unless you change who you are!



What the desired party-goers do amongst themselves is acceptable as long as the people that make them uncomfortable and would "ruin" the atmosphere are limited.

Ask any of the legal CC folks if they are forced to wear baggy clothing to conceal their pitols and they'll say no.

Keith Williams3

How many times do I have to say this, thugs don't care about the P&L so if Cordish new what they were doing they wouldn't be in the middle of all this controversy and its not just with long shorts and white-t's its parking, zoning, security, and other issues.

The people arguing this dress code issue has nothing to do with the bad element in the area it has everything to do with what was a contradicting dress code and people who dress in a style just like everyone else in America (even if some people dont like it) and is targeted because of what the system calls "thugs". Which by the way don't car to even come down to the P&L, do I have say it again.

Since this place opened up people have been pick pocketed, beat up, women fondled (damn near raped on the dance floors and too drunk to notice it) and many other things have happened but it wasn't thug wannabe gangsta rappers as you call them that did that. These people had on nice clothing because they were all in the off limits area to so called thugs. should I protest against people who look like them because of that?

As you all no I am long winded about this topic so I will stop until my button is pushed again lol!

Stifled Freedom

Excellent point Micheal. My hats off to you. I will tell you answer. MONEY.

Britney brough in the money....govt money....and when govt money is involved all the alleged negative effects or influences are willfully ignored.

Roger Lambert

They'd probably let Brit Brit in, but not her bodyguards. So, I doubt she'd go in without them.


She may dress like a hooker but she is not dressed like a wannabe gangsta rapper thug.
Pull up the pants and stop dressing and acting like thugs and you won't be treated like thugs. It has NOTHING to do with race.
White suburban people are equally as ignorant dressing the same way in a lame attempt to get respect from society.

Keith Williams3

They would sneak her in the back somewhere but once in they wouldnt hide her and the way she is dressed. Its a double standard but I'm use to it. I love a beautiful woman but the way some of those women dress is crazy.


"...dressed like Britney Spears was dressed for her “concert” at the Sprint Center?"

No problem there. The dress code has a lot to say about what men can wear, but almost nothing about the opposite sex. They wouldn't want to discourage middle-aged women from dressing like the morally questionable among the younger generation, would they?


I hate to say it, but the dress code is all about brown skinned men loitering in the "district" possibly hitting on white women.

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