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April 06, 2009

Fine dining at Kauffman Stadium

Those people at Kauffman Stadium are sure excited about the variety of fancy food that will be available to the fans this baseball season (4/3, A-1, “Royals hope new treats are a hit”).

It seems to me that if they worried more about putting a decent team on the field, they would not have to resort to luring in fans with fancy food.

Bob Rose
Lee’s Summit

Reading about the uppity food at Kauffman Stadium and the dress code at the Power & Light District (4/3, A-1, “Council, Cordish reach a deal”) reminds me of that song from “Oklahoma!” — “Everything’s Up to Date in Kansas City.” They’ve gone about as far as they can go.

Marie Watson
Prairie Village


Keith Williams3

They got to make up for the revenue somehow. I was fine with Gates and beef hot-dogs but I guess you have to give variety.

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