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April 08, 2009

High time to legalize medical marijuana

Medical marijuana slows the progression of glaucoma. It relieves nausea for chemotherapy patients. It helps with multiple sclerosis symptoms. Now the latest study shows that it kills brain cancer cells.

Tell me again: Why it is illegal? It should be legally available everywhere at least by prescription.

Rusty Baker
Nevada, Mo.



Actually it doesn't make you stupid. It relaxes you, i know people who smoke before school so they can focus and they got straight A's. I get migranes all the time and marijuana takes away my entire migrane. I lose the blurrness, my head stops feelings as if an icepick is going into my head, i don't feel the need to throw up anymore and i get my appetite back. Marijuana shouldn't be illegal because it IS A PLANT!! God put it on this earth, it is not man made. The people who think marijuana should be illegal should feel ridiculous for banning a plant. I don't understand why people make alcohol legal, when it actually does damage to the human body. People die from alcohol, people do NOT die from marijuana. People need to wake up and start smelling the coffee.

Stifled Freedom

Lies and rhetoric rule the show in govt policy nowadays. And everyone is so happy with the govt right now because of it.


I agree with Sol, actually we should not be required to pay taxes on marijuana anymore than we should be required to pay taxes on bell peppers from our backyard. Government is not in the business of doing what is right, fair or Constitutional, they are in the business of confiscation and infringement. of course if they allow for weed to be legal and home grown, then they will have to allow for hooch and home made Poppy brownies as well.

mike d

Hey, you gotta have goals!


You sound like you know what you are doing there, Mike! Good for you!

mike d

Taxing pot vs taxing tobacco is not apples vs apples at all. It is not possible to grow enough tobacco for personal use at your residence without using your entire backyard (or at least a large portion of it). However you could grow enough pot under a grow light in your basement to last at least a year. So how could you be taxed? I know, I know, you could do the right thing and go get the stamp, but since when does anyone do the right thing anymore?


Maybe you are under the impression that I would rate one vice as different than another, but that is not the case. This gov't takes too large a role in what vices are acceptable and which are not. I have nothing against cigarettes, the tobacco industry or people who smoke. I feel it is their business to engage in and not mine to judge. I am just saying that the production of cigarettes and growing pot for personal consumption are not "apples to apples" in any comparison.


"...but it is my understanding that it takes a complex operation to produce the plants, to cure the leaves and produce the product. This production is a business entity."

Maybe, but that's due to the currently commercial nature of the tobacco industry in the US. The tobacco process doesn't have to be that complex, and I'm sure that if pot were legalized the processes required for commercial operations would become much more complex than growing it in your basement.

I think your "pot and tobacco are very different" argument breaks down quickly. That's okay, I just think you may have a little "but MY vice is different" hypocrisy going on.


Good question Marctnts.

The fact that tobacco plants are strictly controlled should not be a template for marijuana plants.

I know something about growing marijuana, it is a simple plant that can be grown easily for personal use. I know little about tobacco farming, but it is my understanding that it takes a complex operation to produce the plants, to cure the leaves and produce the product. This production is a business entity. Weed is different. Even though they are both products that can be smoked the similarities end there.

The tax issue will, IMO, be the pivotal question in further debate on pot becoming a legal product. I strongly believe we should have a right to grow our own right next to our bell peppers, and should not be taxed on it.


"The US gov't should not get into the marijuana business. People should be able to grow their own without interference."

I would assume you feel the same way about tobacco as well?

My thoughts are simple on this one. When grown or produced for individual consumption, pot, alcohol, and tobacco should all be as tax and regulation free as growing peppers in your back-yard garden. When grown or produced for sale and the consumption of others, regulations and taxes kick in. It's an easy solution, and one that works for most other things. Other than the addiction to "vice taxes", what justification can be provided for treating these things any differently?



You know better than that. If you correct El Mon Kee with facts you take all the fun out of his posts. The proper way is to remind him that very little he has ever said or predicted here is on target.


"I forgot we are going to ban junk food, legalize pot and tax it, thus the $3.6 Trillion debt of BO is paid!"

You do realize that Bush's FY09 budget was $3.1T, right? Add the $700B in TARP funds and we had a run rate of $3.8.

And you thought your mother was kidding when she told you to stay away from drugs!

Keith Williams3

I have a story about Marijuana but I cant remember it! G.O.N.G.A sticky icky gooooooood! lol!


The US gov't should not get into the marijuana business. People should be able to grow their own without interference.

I don't think there is anything in the Constitution that justifies the prohibition.


Sol you are so right, it is ridiculous and antiquated to keep a natural plant that was put here for a reason, illegal.
We can prescribe speed for kids but the nasty ole weed is a real problem.
This is where Republican Bible thumpers are idiots.


Anybody know where the Cheetos are? Oh wait, I forgot we are going to ban junk food, legalize pot and tax it, thus the $3.6 Trillion debt of BO is paid!

Shazaam Gomer!



Not just blacks but Mexicans(the other dark meat) too.

One of the best documentaries on this issue, "Grass", is currently available on Time Warners Free Movies on Demand channel. It states exactly how much of an industry the "War ON Drugs" has become and the tax dollars spent. For anyone who has not seen it it is a real eye opener.


Viet amply demonstrates the kind of empty rhetoric that has successfully kept any real discussion off the table.

Sol's right. In the 1920's, the government used the "black men will smoke it and rape your white women" argument to shift public opinion against a substance that was, until that time, generally well regarded (or at least not considered "evil").

Sadly, I have my doubts that any real reform will occur on the issue. There are too many government agencies and government employees, and WAY too much government money addicted to fighting the "war" to ever allow anyone shut off the tap.

This ought to sadden you. Police arrested an estimated 872,720 persons for cannabis violations in 2007 (last year for figures), the highest annual total ever recorded in the United States, according to statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Of those charged with cannabis violations, approximately 89 percent, 775,137 Americans were charged with possession only. An American is now arrested for violating cannabis laws every 38 seconds.


Marijuana is illegal because of a prejudiced prohibitionist policy in the 1920s and 1930s. The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.


Marijuana is illegal because frequent use makes you stupid. Or in your case Rusty, stupider.

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