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April 07, 2009

Late-term abortion is child abuse

I find it ironic that in March a jury cleared, on all charges, George Tiller — the man who performed 250 to 300 late-term abortions in 2003. The next month, April, is “Child Abuse Prevention Month.”

What is wrong with our thinking when we deem a procedure that is heinously murderous to an innocent child all right and we turn around and fight child abuse with all our might (which we should)? Is that justice for all? I think not.

And for all those who cry “women’s rights,” what about the rights of all those little women (and men) whose lives are so easily snuffed out? I wonder what their “choice” would be if they could somehow make it known?

Linda Tavis
Kansas City, Kan.



Okay, I agree that every woman out there has a right to do what she wants with her body. HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE GOING TO JUMP INTO BED WITH EVERY MAN YOU'RE ATTRACTED TO, THEN YOU HAD BETTER BE DAMNED READY TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS!! EVERY ACTION, EVERY DECISION WE MAKE HAS CONSEQUENCES, SOME GOOD, SOME BAD. Once you conceive a child whether intentionally or because of your own lack of responsibilty to use condoms or birth control, it is no longer YOUR choice. You are now responsible for a human life and to abort that life is no less henous than someone taking an AR-15 to an elementary school and letting loose during recess.
My wife and I practiced abstinence throughout our lives, before we even met, up until the day we said I do. I married the love of my life in October 2010. We do not want children, so we are taking every step to prevent that while still having an intimate, loving relationship with each other. But abstinence is the only 100% sure fire way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. So if you are going to have sex, there is a chance for getting pregnant. In short, as adults, teens, whatever age you choose to live promiscuously, be ready to live with the consequences of your choices, whether it's STDs or conceiving a child.



We have the right to do whatever we want to our bodies. Since when does everyone want to control one another, that is why we cant have peace in this world because everyone is concerned about what everyone else is doing but not what they are doing themselves. A woman can have an abortion is she feels like she needs to have one. I'm not saying that i would ever get an abortion, but it is a womans right to do with her body as she pleases and if she wishes to have an abortion then so be it YOU CAN NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT!! There are numerous of reasons that a woman would want to get an abortion. You are not that person, you do not live the life that person lives, you do not go thru the things that person goes thru on a daily basis. Now i would understand if a woman gets pregnant all the time and gets abortions like crazy then i would step in and tell her that she has other options such as adoption, but when you have no clue why they would be getting an abortion i think all of you should shut your mouths! You have to remember you are NOT that person! You dont feel what everyone feels unless you walk a mile in their shoes, and trust me i dont think anyone would be able to walk a mile in anyone elses shoes but the ones they are already in.


"we can't as a people grow up enough to talk about this subject seriously without resorting to pointless and idiotic rhetoric like Linda's."

As evidenced by your comment.

"As long as pro lifers threaten to take away all abortion rights"

Oh, yes, those terrible pro-lifers.

"So go hoist yourself by your own self righteous petard."

Perhaps you should take your own advice.

Keith Williams3

Until we solve the problem of women having kids for income purposes we cant solve the abortion issue. Or maybe they go hand in hand?


First off al, I do not endorse assasination of any President, although when Bush was in office you liberal coward whack jobs that have to have a goernment tit to suck on and unions to protect your lack of work ethic, screamed death to Bush. It is hypocritical that Obama is for abortion yet does not practice it. You should practice what you preach. Murder is murder, no matter how much you cowards try to spin it.
Child abuse comes in many forms:
Physical, emotional, indoctrination and exploitation (whihc is what you liberals to to them). Teaching children that government is the answer to all of your problems is abusive. JIM it is sad that you are coward.


What does it take to stop the killing? I don't know but I believe that a government that won't stop the killing isn't going to be finding peace on the matter anytime soon.


"I suppose it is unfortunate for us that Obama's ultra-liberal mother did not practice what she reached."


You have repeatedly and openly wished for the President's death in some way, either through assasination or now retroactive abortion. It not only proves you have no argument, but also justifies the choice that many people on this blog have made to ignore your deranged, lunatic posts altogether.


According to Michelle Mama Obama, the ONLY relationship important is the mother/daughter relationship. Us men are just financial apparatus and scapegoats to point the finger at for poor decisions by the other half. I suppose it is unfortunate for us that Obama's ultra-liberal mother did not practice what she reached.


"I wonder what their “choice” would be if they could somehow make it known?"

Oh, don't be coy, Linda. You wouldn't listen to them if they could.

I don't like the fact that viable fetuses are aborted. I even think the limit on abortions should be 12 weeks, during which it seems even God can't make up her mind which ones should stay and which should go. The problem is the Roe v. Wade decision was made in the early 70s and the age of a viable fetus was 28 weeks, and those survivals were rare. Now we have 22 week olds that survive, however, we can't as a people grow up enough to talk about this subject seriously without resorting to pointless and idiotic rhetoric like Linda's.

As long as pro lifers threaten to take away all abortion rights, this issue will never be addressed. So go hoist yourself by your own self righteous petard.

Stifled Freedom

Because its not about right and wrong anymore. It's about partisan politics that you vote for every election.....and only that.


Not according to the Messiah.

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