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April 01, 2009

Men’s chorus sends powerful message

I attended my first concert by the Heartland Men’s Chorus last weekend and won’t miss another.

The theme for this one, “And Justice for All,” delivered a powerful, moving message that, united, we can stand together against hate and injustice, knowing that we are all equal, no matter our skin color, gender or sexual orientation. The chorus should take this show on the road to every school and organization willing to host it.

Congratulations to artistic director Joe Nadeau and all the participants on their vision and artistic perfection. The special effects enhanced our experience, and the music was heavenly.

Andrea Warren
Prairie Village


THAT was my foot

How about when taxpayers are burdened with health costs for someone's right to smoke, or the right to feel the wind in your hair riding your bike whilst prepping to be an organ donor???

I'm sure that's something different right???

steve in mission

T. Hanson

Silly Joe.... Gays are meant for entertainment. No one likes it when those people try to get equal status.

Stifled Freedom

The Constitutional amendments in MO and KS banning gay marriage sends a powerful message too. It sure seems contradictory to me to see this chorus so locally congratulated yet so legally persecuted right here in KS and MO.


I agree with Hanson, especially about the garbage show Osborns. Ozzy was a talent but his wife and kids are morons.
Justice for all?
There is a gross injustice when taxpayers are burdened with paying for reckless sexual behavior like sodomy. Freddie Mercury was a great talent and died from AIDS, so that is societies fault?
There are consequences for actions.

T. Hanson

duh.... board = bored

T. Hanson

While I heard the Men's Chorus, I have also heard many other groups sing, perform or do what not and I have yet to be disappointed.

I don't think it matters if it is an all gay, all straight, all woman, all men, all flute, or whatever it is I enjoy just getting out and seeing the culture of what Kansas City has. I suggest the next time you are board look up the "What is going on in KC" section and support the local arts. Better than some of that crap on TV, cough, cough Osborns:Reloaded....

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