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April 03, 2009

Mexican trucks

Linda Snider (3/31, Voices) commenting on The Star’s editorial “Let Mexican trucks roll across the U.S. border” ( 3/27, Opinion), said, “I don’t want their people here, and I don’t want their products here.”

Let’s get this straight, Linda. My people and our products were here long before you were here, and they will be here long after you and I are no longer here.

Olivia Lopez
Kansas City



"... could you please explain how the poor weather we are expecting tomorrow can be blamed on the "war on the middle class"? ..."

Tomorrow's poor weather will only be the "fault" of Mother Nature.

But, my "boss" might yet call tonight and tell me I have to work outside tomorrow in the bad weather.

"Drop your plans and figure on working outside tomorrow in the cold. I won't pay you OT because you're exempt but the work needs doing and if you don't like it, try and find another job more to your liking in this economy. I can easily replace you with a hard workin' Mexican. In fact, maybe I will anyway because no one will stop me!! You're FIRED!!"

That would be more of "the war on the middle class". I'll be spending tomorrow by the wood stove watching a good movie.

"... You then claim ... it's "big business" pushing the issue in some attempt to screw the little guy ..."

No, "big business" is only concerned with his bottom line. Simple self interest. Period. His screwing over the little guy, in the absence of union or government oversight, is only the price we all seem to be paying for the big guy's success. The big guy is counting on people like you to convince us all it's in our best interest to accept the screwing without squealing.



Let's see here.

1. You start with "so what about the tariffs, big deal" as if you agree about their validity but don't think they will have an effect.

2. You then claim that Mexican authorities have no part in the issue, it's "big business" pushing the issue in some attempt to screw the little guy (tell that to the Mexicans who are pissed we won't uphold our agreement).

3. You finish by claiming that "who cares what the WTO says anyways" in some sort of attempt to ignore the fact that WE signed the agreemment without outside pressure from the WTO or anyone else. If we didn't plan to honor our commitment, why'd we sign it?

Sounds like a lot of grasping at straws in an attempt to justify the fact that we won't uphold agreements we signed.

On seperate matter, could you please explain how the poor weather we are expecting tomorrow can be blamed on the "war on the middle class"? Just wondering, as it seems every other issue somehow boils down to this "war", and unsurprisingly, it's always the "poor labor" who are somehow going to be destoyed by whatever issue is being discussed.


I guess that post by El Mon Kee was his way of saying something while not saying it.


Wait was it the Lopez's who landed at Plymouth Rock Olivia? Or were you the Indians killing each other's tribes off in the Southwest? I guess I am confused about your hallowed history.


Mexico is retaliating with 10-20% tariffs on our exports of Christmas trees, onions, almonds and pencils.


I didn't even know we still made "pencils" here.

Mexican trucks have been operating beyond the border commercial zones for decades. Reagan only closed up opportunites for "new" Mexican motor carriers to work here because Mexico didn't allow any American truckers to enter Mexico back in his day. NAFTA only lifted Reagan's ban.

This is only about letting "more" Mexican trucks into the USA and it's all about wages. Mexican drivers are cheaper. Under wage pressure from enough "more" Mexican drivers, American truckers will eventually make less than they do today if they want to stay employed. Business wins, labor loses.

Truck driving was a decent job ... once. Opening up the business to Mexicans will only do to trucking what's been previously done to other "careers".

NAFTA requires Mexican domiciled motor carriers working in the USA to meet environmental and safety regulations as set by the USA. We have the right to set those regulatory bars wherever we see fit.

WTO rulings are advisory. The WTO's official mission is to liberalize trade. Labor and environmental issues are not generally part of their agenda, that's for us to decide.


"Opening the USA up to Mexican truck drivers is only more of the war on working, middle class Americans."

Like I said yesterday, at least he's consistent. Every issue can apparently be boiled down to some sort of "war" on the middle class.

The US SIGNED THE NAFTA AGREEMENT, under the direction of President Clinton. We agreed at that time to allow reciprical access to each other's highways. After failing for years to abide by the agreement we signed, the WTO ruled in arbitration in 2001 that we had violated the agreement and were required by the terms to which we agreed to open the roads. We still have not complied with the agreement, and now Mexico has instituted the punitive tariffs as allowed by the WTO.

It's kind of hard to complain about Mexico "not plyaing fair" when it is in fact the US that has failed to honor the agreement.


Olivia Lopez: Mexican.

As noted by "engineer", it's too bad Olivia apparently hasn't been here long enough to think of herself as an American. Well, so much for the melting pot thing.

The only benefit of opening the USA up to "Mexican truckers" is that their wages are a fraction of American/Canadian wages. The only winners are the employers and maybe the Mexican driver.

The losers are the soon to be unemployed or under-employed American drivers and those of us exposed to the new hazards of Mexican truckers sharing the highway with us. As with many issues in modern life, privatize the profits and socialize the losses.

Opening the USA up to Mexican truck drivers is only more of the war on working, middle class Americans.

You see groups of Mexicans driving convoys of rusty, beater autos down I-35 into Laredo sometimes. The boys are always good for a laugh, especially when we cross paths at the truck stop or gas station. I can only imagine the yuks if they were behind the wheel of a Peterbilt or Mack instead of the rusty old Toyotas.


One hopes that Oliva Lopez is not an American Citizen. If she is, then her statement "My people" is deeply disturbing.

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