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April 06, 2009

Newspaper investment for your mind

I agree with Denise Snodell’s column (Neighborhood News, “You either get it or you don’t”) about the importance of local newspapers to how we as a nation receive our news. Reading The Star daily during breakfast or enjoying a good cup of coffee brings the news and other information without the glare of a computer screen.

Reading is a means of exercising the brain, but newsprint allows more in-depth understanding of what is going on in our world. It’s sort of like looking at art in a gallery as opposed to looking at art on a screen. You just can’t get the artist feeling through the digital world. I also found a coupon for a new pizza place right in my neighborhood on the following page of her article.

For less than $1 per day, I would say that the newspaper is a good investment for our minds.

Larry Miller
Overland Park



Although over 90% of continue to pay our mortgages (and pay for those that don't).
Decks are an entitlement and it is racist to not allow every American to own a deck, regardless of whether their incomce supports it or not. Let's do it right, maybe Obama will offer a "tax credit" to add a compsoite deck on your home. Come on folks rack up some more credit debt, that's what the Harvard genius claims is the key to economic success. Racking up debt you can not pay for, typical liberal.

mike d

I am kind of torn on this one. I work in the printing industry, and the reduced readership of the paper has all but killed us off (we print lots of the ad inserts). On the other hand, as I get older it's just too dang hard to read the tiny print, which is easily solved by increasing the font size on my computer. As far as wasting trees, they are not cutting old growth trees to make paper pulp. They are saving those for those nice big decks on the backs of the houses that apparently nobody can afford to make the payments on anymore.

Keith Williams3

I must admit I wouldnt have found a job back in the day with out a news paper and just recently found a land scaper.

I'm contradicting again!!


“newsprint allows more in-depth understanding of what is going on in our world. . . . You just can’t get the artist feeling through the digital world.”

Since the “artist” probably prepares and files his stories on computer, if Mr. wants to get a “feel” for the story without using the digital world, he’ll have to go back to the reporters notebook – if reporters still take notes by hand.

At one time, the daily newspaper was the fastest, most reliable, least expensive way to get the news. It no longer is. Print newspapers still held the edge over on-line news sources when computers were tied down by cables and power cords, but with wireless connections, smaller laptops, and iPhones, the print version of the daily newspaper is becoming irrelevant, and that’s what’s killing it.

Keith Williams3

If you want to hold something i your hand (get your mind out the gutter) goggle it and print it. still killing trees and still holding it in your hands over a cup of Joe!


Tree killing sobs aren't they NoMo?!

Stifled Freedom

I just wish the FCC would have left the requirement that local newspapers cannot be owned by the big media companies. Now they will all merge and a few poeple will control all the information you will get.


I can not support the news paper, they use ink and other petroleum based products to pimp their propoganda which tilts too far left.


"but there's a glare on my screen"

"but I can magically understand newsprint words better than byte words"

"but I feel more artsy reading the paper"

WEAK arguments trying to save "soon to be drastically different" media.

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