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April 02, 2009

Obama needs support from both parties

  Never in my 75-year memory has an opposing political party been so actively combative in its effort to take down a new president this early in his days in office. It is as though they are all in lockstep with Rush Limbaugh’s statement: “I hope he fails.” 

What compounds the above observation is that in no time since the Great Depression has America and the world been so economically challenged. President Obama is attempting to reverse the direction of the recent administration and accomplish what he promised during the campaign — what Americans elected him to do.

No one expects blind faith, but deliberately tying Obama’s hands makes his job just that much more difficult. If he fails as a result of GOP selfishness and pettiness then, in my opinion, that’s purely un-American.

It’s obvious Republicans are not concerned with our country’s welfare, only their party’s. Shame on their house.

William R. Park Sr.
(A disheartened ex-Republican)



So well said, RIGHT ON! Yes we can!


"Some examples of Obama's supposedly nasty, gutter attacks on Palin would be very interesting. Care to give any?"

No, there were no direct attacks by the Obama campaign on Palin, they were too smart for that but they watched while their worshipping pawns in the media dug into every detail of her life. Three reporters from the New York Times alone were digging up dirt on her family and her personal life. That was three more than were digging into Obama's by the way.

Examples of attacks on her?
- Bristol's baby was secretly her's
- She was just a beauty queen
- She fired an employee b/c he hit her sister
- Not qualified b/c she went to four colleges before graduation
- she's a Bible banging loon b/c she choose to keep a mentally handicapped child
- she's a hypocrite b/c she's a christian but her daughter is pregnant
- claimed that she said "I can see Russia from my house"

I could go on but you get the point. Granted she made mistakes but so did Biden (Stand up Chuck!) but her mistakes were front page news, his barely made the late edition. The point is that Obama's team barely had to lift a finger to attack McCain/Palin, the MSM was doing their work for them (with help from the morning conference call of Emmanuel, Podesta, Carville and Stephanopolous).


I wasn't arguing about reconciliation although I don't remember it being in general use. As a matter of fact wasn't it called "the nuclear option" when the Republicans were thinking of using it in connection with the Supreme Court appointments? As I was in favor of it then I can hardly take exception to its use now. In any event there is no point in its use except to avoid a filibuster. My point is that anyone with conservative beliefs who intends to be true to their principles has no option except to oppose Obama's budget


"Look what the press and the Obama campaign did to Palin if you want to see nasty."

I'm constantly amazed at people who chanted "she's a pit bull!" now claiming she was some kind of victim. So please, tell me exactly what the Obama campaign did to Palin that was so nasty. Did they call her a terrorist? Or a Socialist?

Oh wait. That's what she was doing to Obama. Some examples of Obama's supposedly nasty, gutter attacks on Palin would be very interesting. Care to give any?


Jim likes it in the gutter. And when I mean gutter, I mean ass.


McCain did get desperate and flailed about but I would hardly call those lame attacks gutter politics. Every campaign has an "attack of the week", some just do it in a more subtle manner than others. Are you going to tell me that David Axelrod wasn't directing hit pieces on McCain and his family? As far as getting into the gutter, McCain forbid his staff and his supporters from bringing up Obama's relationship to Rev. Wright, didn't attack Obama on his character faults and constantly praised the guy at rallies. This "nastiest campaign in history" myth is just that....a myth. Look what the press and the Obama campaign did to Palin if you want to see nasty.


"Both of them are too respectful of the office to get down into the gutter and it cost them the presidency."

I really hope you're joking. McCain ran one of the nastiest campaigns in recent memory. His flailing, desperate "attack of the week" strategy completely destroyed his reputation as a man too respectful of the office to get down into the gutter. He positively lived in the gutter for much of the general election campaign.


If I were to start saying that Obama has kept troops in Iraq only to protect the oil then yes, you could say that I am being unpatriotic and disrespectfull of the troops. I would never say something like that though. I've served overseas and I know how criticism of our president and the war effort here gets used to lower our troops morale over there. You are right Jim, this isn't a game, it's deadly serious and it is my belief that Obama's policies have made you and I and our families less safe. I'm sorry you don't see it that way and I sincerely hope we never have to find out that I am right.

I'm not shocked to be in the minority. I saw elected Republicans in Washington turn their backs on the principles that got them there.....fiscal responsibility, less government intrusion and a strong national defense. Once McCain was nominated I knew we would lose since he, like W, wouldn't defend himself from the constant attacks from the media. Both of them are too respectful of the office to get down into the gutter and it cost them the presidency. I will be patient, I will fight this hard left lurch that you and the Democrats are taking us in and I am confident that sooner or later Obama (or Reid or Pelosi) will overreach, the masks will fall off and the sham will revealed. I'm looking forward to 2010 and 2012.


"Democrats took every opportunity to mask their personal disgust with President Bush for nearly eight years by saying that dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Well now it’s our turn. I hope you enjoy reaping what you have sown."

After being told during those same eight years that opposing the president while our country is at war is unpatriotic and disrespectful of the troops, I don't suppose it's "our turn" to say that to you, is it? This isn't a game for keeping score, CBuch. The country voted to reverse the very policies that got us into this mess. Those same policies are embraced even more in the GOP's new sham "budget". If you think those dangerous policies will get us out of the mess they got us into, that's your right. But don't be shocked that you're in the minority.


Really Mr. Park, you’ve never seen an opposing political party be so combative in it’s effort to take down a president early in his term? You don’t remember eight short years ago? You don’t remember the chants of “Selected, not elected!” and “Bush isn’t the president, Gore got more votes!” How about the near constant references to President Bush as a bumbler, a frat-boy and a puppet to Dick Cheney’s puppet master? How about the books, magazine columns and websites dedicated to having President Bush assassinated? Any of these ring a bell Mr. Park?

As far as President Obama doing “what Americans elected him to do”, a little over half of all Americans elected him. All the others, 45% of American voters, voted for someone else. He may be doing what you wanted him to do Mr. Park but he is doing the exact opposite of what me and 55 million more like me want. Are we just supposed to shut-up and watch?

You claim that Republicans are “deliberately tying Obama’s hands”. How exactly are they doing that? Obama has solid majorities in both houses of Congress. The dirty little secret is that Obama doesn’t need the Republicans to get what he wants! If he and the Democrats are so sure that their plans will work they should be overjoyed that the Republicans are fighting them, that way they can take all the credit if the economy recovers. But they aren’t are they? The truth is Mr. Park that the Republicans have no real power in Congress so it is impossible for them to stop a bill from being made into law. You can’t tie a president’s hands when you don’t have any political rope.

I disagree with President Obama’s and the Democrats vision for this country. I believe their policies will hurt our country and lead to greater pain and suffering for our fellow countrymen so with that in mind I take great pride in saying that I, like Rush and millions of other Americans, wish that President Obama fails in his efforts to change America. Democrats took every opportunity to mask their personal disgust with President Bush for nearly eight years by saying that dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Well now it’s our turn. I hope you enjoy reaping what you have sown.

Smarter Than You

I’m worried that Mr. Park may be suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia. I say that because his 75 year history seems to have forgotten/ignored just eight short years ago. Selected not elected ring any bells?

As for the economy, it seems to me that if Obama could appoint enough democrats to his cabinet, the tax windfall to the treasury could pay off his ill-conceived stimuli (thanks Gov. Kathy for keeping the streak alive).



Your comment does nothing to address the fact that reconciliation is a perfectly common and legitimate way to pass legislation. Nor do you address the fact that Republicans felt that it was legitimate for many years, dismissing and even firing those who disagreed.

The majority did allow a vote on the GOP's April Fool's budget, which also gives us trillion dollar deficits and has tax cuts that would cost us $300 billion a year more than Obama's budget. 38 House Republicans had the good sense to vote against that so-called "budget" (it's full of questionable numbers in the very few places there even are numbers).


Obama's budget supports the impression that he wants to take this country in a direction with which no conservative can agree. Trillion dollar plus deficits for the next ten years and those are said to be understated. It is therefore every conservative’s duty to do all he/she can to modify the budget and the proposed courses of action. If the Democrats are committed to wealth and income redistribution and to an increasingly "central control" type country it is to be expected that they will advance these ends by whatever means are available to them. Record should be kept of their methods and of their aims and objectives. Them we can have a referendum on them in 2010.


Over 90% of those that have the PRIVILEDGE of a mortgage, pay it as agreed.
The EMPLOYMENT rate is over 90%.

here is how bad the economy is:

More than 16,000 fans of Britney Spears turned out Thursday evening at the Sprint Center for Kansas City's stop on the pop singer's "Circus" tour.


"Kate - paybacks are a bit%h.”

This isn't about "payback." If the Democrats were voting on a major piece of Obama's agenda and held the vote open for over 3 hours in order to twist enough arms to pass it (the way Republicans did with the Medicare prescription drug bill), that would be a clear abuse of power. But these are two separate things. Reconciliation is well within the rules and commonplace.


"Congress is about to pass Obama’s budget using the “reconciliation” process, which circumvents the Senate’s requirement of 60 votes to prevent a filibuster. "

Kate, reconciliation is a common thing in Congress. Constantly requiring 60 votes for every single piece of legislation in the Senate is a perversion of the filibuster rule. What's wrong with a simple majority vote? That's how our system works, after all.

Large portions of the Contract with America were passed using reconciliation rules, as were the Bush tax cuts (both times), the bill authorizing drilling in ANWR and legislation to reduce spending on Medicaid, among others. When Republicans had the majority, they even fired Senate parliamentarians who disagreed with them on using reconciliation. That seems to indicate they thought it was proper and useful at the time. What's changed?

To whine about something that is commonplace and completely within bounds now that your party is in the minority is pretty laughable. You can do better than this, Kate.


What I find entertaining about the administration supporters here is they cried out about the budget deficit and then turn around and use it as their justification for even more crazed spending. They cried out about Republican abuse of governmental procedures and now the exact same action is called “payback”.

“Kate - paybacks are a bit%h.”

This IS the mind set of both major parties. Dialogue is over. The only thing left is keeping score and getting your payback. Had an election, and the country got the same result.


Kate - paybacks are a bit%h. Maybe the Dems were keeping score when the Republicans were in charge.


Congress is about to pass Obama’s budget using the “reconciliation” process, which circumvents the Senate’s requirement of 60 votes to prevent a filibuster. So I guess “you forced us to silence you” is how the Republicans tied the President’s hands.

Keith Williams3

Wow Obama is failing to do his job; I guess the rest of your four years will be in vain Mr. Obama. (Bail)out why you still have a chance; oh by the way President Obama did anyone tell you that you are not perfect? Well I'm here to tell you that since the country was already in a heep of mess I will support your trying to turn around our beautiful country filled with hippocrites that rather put you down than pray for a turn around. Good Luck signed

Jesus Christ the only perfect man that ever walked the earth!

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