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April 05, 2009

Paying now for future needs

It would appear that the Missouri Senate is on the verge of leading us out of the current economic crisis. They are about to consider a bill to allow electric utilities to charge customers for future electric usage (4/2, Local, “Utility rule change advances”). The proposed plan is to allow the utilities to charge customers for building future facilities.

However, a broader application of the plan could be the answer to our corporate, and therefore, our economic problems. For example, the automotive industry could charge for future car sales when they sell a car by projecting the buyer’s future automotive needs and adding a charge for the additional cars. Crisis solved. No bailout, no bankruptcy and no tax money.

Considering the present track record of our corporate CEOs, surely no one would object to paying for something that might be produced at some distant date to fill a supposed need by a CEO with a golden parachute.

James R. Talbott
Lee’s Summit


Stifled Freedom

They might get the idea about income taxes. They should pass a new law and start withholding 2010 taxes now....before we get laid off.

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