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April 04, 2009

Save the pre-1985 books

When I was a kid, I practically devoured books — including books from before 1985, which the Consumer Product Safety Commission is trying to rid from public libraries in an effort to reduce lead poisoning in children. They are attempting to rid the library not only of old children’s books, but also books for adults. Testing shows the books to have an almost undetectable, perfectly safe level of lead. Since many libraries cannot afford the costly, redundant test to prove safety, the books will be simply thrown away. This will have a serious impact on education and child literacy.

When I have kids, I want to show them the books I read as a kid. If H.R. 1692, the bill to save the books, doesn’t find a co-sponsor, these books will be thrown away. Please ask your representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 1692 to save the books!

Andi Enns
Lee’s Summit


Mr. D

Ok, you all need to stop blaming everything on environmentalists. Sure there are some extremes out there, but all in all they're great people (as long as they don't enjoy braiding their armpit hair and eating termites off of each other). My gut instinct (I know I'll come off as nutso) is that somebody REALLY wants an excuse to get rid some 24-year-old political documents. Just a thought. I am outraged that they would destroy those books. Anyway, I would also like to point out that they want to get rid of toys that old as well. I mean, we're talking about burning the Ewok Village Playset here!!!!

Tom K

We have to confront what the environmentalists are doing to us. Our society as a whole was actually smarter when there were fewer restrictions like this. We are not going to improve anything enough to be worth losing our legacy of literature and a lot of libraries are likely to decide to just throw out books on engineering and other sciences. This must be stopped. Any foot that gets in the door should be shopped off and returned to its owner in a very rude manner. Stop the environmentalists before they have us all living in stone huts and eating roots. The few of us they leave alive.


I laughed when I heard this latest storm in a teacup over lead in childrens' books. I try not to get too attached to possessions, but I make exceptions for my childhood copies -- scribbled in crayon by this budding artist -- of "The Little Engine That Could" and "the Complete Mother Goose". I wouldn't get rid of them even if they were so full of lead Superman couldn't see through them.

Tom K

I'm tired of the paranoid behavior concerning things like lead. Just to provide a "for instance", how can we be paranoid about small traces of lead and ignore much larger amounts of bismuth that people actually deliberately ingest to control stomach upsets? Bismuth is less toxic but it's still toxic in large doses and it's still a heavy metal. It's not about what's factual, it's about using paranoia as if paranoia is a cure for problems.


NO more Dr. Suess for Obama fans.


This is like an April Fool joke right? I mean we are not bunring pre-1985 books in reality are we?


My God folks like the little possum said, "we have met the enemy and he is us".

"Green Weenie" does not even rise to the occaision of this insanity....


A new "green" edition of Mein Kampf and The Communist Mainfesto will be coming soon to a library near you!

Tom K

The environmentalists have been beyond crazy for a long time. The lead thing is an excuse to erase part of our cultural heritage and once it gets started it could just keep going. It has to be stopped now.

T. Hanson

Would it be safe to say that any of us over 30 years old will die in the next year? I mean if you are over thirty then that means there was a good chance you lived in a house with a smoker. Ate some type of transfat, sat in a parked car when your mom or dad went into the store for something "quick". Or even touched a page in a book at the library.

I am sorry to say but since all that happened to me when I was a kid I might not make it through next week.

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