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April 05, 2009

Where’s the good news?

I would like to hear some good news

On Dec. 2, a Star headline read “It’s official; we’re in a recession.”

On Dec. 6, a headline said “533,000 payroll jobs lost last month.”

On March 21: “Hallmark sees revenue decline.”

Isn’t there anything good that can be brought to the minds of the media and, in turn, give us that for which we can be thankful?

The grass is still green. The sky is still blue. The Great One up there will still see us through.

Norman Johnson
Overland Park



Great news!
The employment rate is over 90%.
Of all mortgages on the market, over 90% of them are paid as agreed.
The past 7 flights I have been on have been completely full.
The casinos are hopping and people spending thousands of dollars to become Platinum rewards membership status.
Our living standard of "poor" exceeds the global standard by a multiplier of 244.
There are many businesses growing and exceeding revenue expectations.
Housing prices continue to drop hence housing will become more aligned to where it should be and allow for more affordable housing for those 90%+ that continue to stay employed.

Keith Williams3

The dress code went through lol and no one but my dumb azz brought it up! lol!!

Pub 17

Keep on stepping on your neener, Rogue, uh, sorry, Kee--Bush collapsed the Dow from 14,000 to 7949 the day he left office (SIX THOUSAND POINTS), it bottomed at 6400, and it's back up to a tick higher than when Obama became President.

Making it up as you go along really is a bad strategy.

You really need to get some of those door dings fixed in the Original Maverick, Rogue. Check out Dr. Dent in O.P., cheap and good.


The "rise in the Dow"?? ROTFLMAO? After dropping to 7,000 from 13,000 a few hundred points is cause for rejoicing? I don't think so!

N.Korea sticks her thumb in our eye, no big deal? Iran's nukes almost on line and we are sending them love letters? This guy is a walking, breathing, disaster.

Pub 17

Check out
-The rise in the Dow.
-The number of Americans who think the country's on the right track.
-The welcome our President got in Europe.
Then go to John's Space Age Donuts and get a couple twists, right off the rack (got to wait till tomorrow, sorry). You'll be cheerful for a month.


NorMAN used three examples, one of which was spaced four months apart, and one of which was four days apart....


I see where the letter writer is going, and tend to agree, but what a strange way to get there.

Norma used three examples, spaced 4 months apart, as an example of the continual "bad-news" reporting of the media. It might have been more effective if she had picked examples a little closer together.


I know what you mean, and that's why I've turned off the news and listen to music a lot more lately. The steady drip-drip-drip of bad news, coupled with all the dismal weather -- it's pretty depressing.

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