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April 04, 2009

Why do you litter?

Thanks to MODOT workers, M291/I470 in Lee’s Summit is looking so much better. The trash pickers have been working this stretch of highway for the last week or two. I just wish they could pick up more often.

Our neighborhood participates in the Adopt-A-Highway program twice a year. In addition, I pick up trash along our outer road whenever I can. I cannot believe the amount of fast food trash, beverage containers (glass, cans and plastic) and plastic shopping bags. Perhaps a tax could be added to these items to help pay for their removal.

I am curious about two things: Don’t parents and schools teach kids not to litter anymore? And why do people toss their trash out onto our roads? Please, I would like to hear from actual litterbugs.

Liz Carmichael
Lee’s Summit



Sorry, you're not hearing from a litterbug here.

But we all know why people litter. They're arrogant and thoughtless. They seem to think throwing something "away" doesn't mean it isn't an inconvenience for someone else. there is no such thing as "away".

What bothers me most are the beer cans along the side of the roads and in residential neighborhoods after a weekend.

So sure. Go ahead and tax all takeout food. Don't tax food that's eaten at the restaurant. And put a hefty deposit on recyclable beverage cans. Years ago when Michigan put a 10-cent deposit on cans, the amount of highway litter dropped precipitiously, and folks were scouring the roadsides for cans to take back for redemption.

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