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May 14, 2009

A cruel decision on health care

The defeat last week of the Medicaid expansion proposal by the Missouri House of Representatives was a shameful step backward for Missouri (5/7, National/Local). The main point of contention in the bill was funding to provide health care for more than 34,000 poor parents.

Opponents of the bill could not reasonably argue that the state can’t afford this, since it would have cost the state nothing.

Opponents did argue that it was a bad idea to extend “welfare” (i.e. health care) to more Missourians, because it would make them dependent and decrease their incentive to support themselves. But casting health care as “welfare” is grossly inaccurate.

The majority of the uninsured are individuals who work at low-paying jobs that do not provide health insurance as a benefit. During these economic tough times, many families are struggling as hours are cut, factories close, jobs disappear and wages plummet.

Missouri took another step backward in drastically cutting Medicaid in 2005.

It was a cruel and unnecessary decision to not provide health care to 34,000 low-income Missourians — a decision based on political considerations rather than reality for Missouri’s working parents.

Mindy Brissey
Kansas City



Other People's Money, I get so sick of conservative whining about what other people do. I guess they don't get it that unless we get health care under control our costs are going to continue to climb.

Conservatives whine about taxes. I've got a great idea, one they always throw around, flat taxes. Everyone pay 25% of their gross, no deductions, credits etc. Let's wipe out the farm bill, stop allowing for deductions for the cost of doing business, stop these bull_____ tax cuts and make everyone pay. Bookkeeping would be easy, every sale you make, put 25% in the tax coffer and drive on. Employees, you earn $10.00 per hour and take home $7.50. We'll stop these freeloading corporations. We'll stop giving taxpayer money away to help run someone business. Once you business goes belly up, you can come enjoy your poverty like the rest of us.

Better yet, let's do away with corporations and make people risk their own money. Every conservative here probably has their hand out too, just they the people they rail against. You don't do it yourself any more than anyone else. You just think you hand out is more honorable then someone else's.


The majority of the uninsured are individuals who work at low-paying jobs that do not provide health insurance as a benefit. During these economic tough times, many families are struggling as hours are cut, factories close, jobs disappear and wages plummet.
- Mindy

SO the answer is to have government step in and do what? Print up more money and hadn it out to the people that continually stay in the low paying jobs because the lack skill sets that are in demand? Have they applied for a position with Vestas, Suzlon energy, Siemens, Clipper? All of these companies are hiring and pay double digit hourly wages at entry level.


Sol code words....terms like "affordable housing" ring a bell? That's a code word as you put it. I do not think I know everyhting, there are areas that I have much experience in. Other areas such as social issues are an opinion based off of experiences and what I see in the world.
There are things such as energy, power, enterprise that are not subjective areas, these areas are areas that I have experieince in. You obviously are a business owner, I do not know what industry you are in but if you are established you must know your industry. Just so I understand, you do not make a profit but you earn a 6 figure income? How is this so? I do not understand the concept of not making profit but earning. I do understand how so called non-profits earn money.
We are always going to disagree on some issues Sol, I just know what I see and where I grew up. You can deny what I know for a fact based on where, how and whom I grew up with but that does not change the facts. People DO get and stay comfortable in their so called "poverty" and there are bleeding hearts that feel sorry for any escuse or sob story they hear. These individuals generally "feeel" that confocstaing others success and handing it out to someone else brings those individuals above, it doesn't. We have a huge problem in our society and culture today, it is pathetic. The entire pseudo-ghetto,hip hop generation is braindead.


El Mon Kee,

Remember how I say I pride myself on memory.


To remember our conversation look at my comment at 8:59 am

This does explain quite a bit. All the times you talk about "your man Obama" and "get with your guy Sharpton" and "go to Hymie town with Jesse" and "get your free furnace and windows" and "do some organizin' with my ACORN gang of race pimps" that was just your fun little way of calling me what would get you banned here. I had often wondered why you'd think those things would be personal insults to me, now I know....you believed you were insulting a black man.

My grandfather called it right way back then....stupid cracker!



I was speaking of how El Mon Kee uses code words, not you, you are not at all shy about saying what you mean. you are obvious in your posts. As far as me thinking I'm perfect and all knowing, I don't. I would think if you wanted to read a post by someone who thought they knew everything you'd read one of your own.


....at least now I understand why you dislike me so much, you thought I was one of "them"....


El Mon Kee,

That is outrageous...I've posted here for years and everybody knows I'm white except you?...

If I didn't know that Ollie would kick you out of his fan club I'd swear you are smoking mushrooms!


LMAO, Race Card now claims he is white?? When did you change Race Card, you told us all you were black! (And no I don't remember when, so don't pull that "tell me when" horse manure again!)

OMG, talk about not being able to hold a position!!


Code? Particular people has nothing to do with race, it has to do with exactly that particular of all races. Generation after generation of welfare dependent deadbeats that spend money on wants first needs second. If I deal in untruths then the State Auditor for Missouri is a lair. So is the US Treasury Dept (Pre-Timmy). So are the reports on poverty as well. Sol it must be difficult being as perfect and all knowing as you are, you aren't realted to Barack Hussein are you by chance? Are you really him in alias?


Nothing more fun than reading you gaffs.....

Ya know, it doesn't bother me that you call me RC, considering you bring up race often, (always negatively and usually coded or implied "certain people" "particular neighborhoods" and so on) but why do you think I'm bitter? I'm free, white and way over 21, with a great family and good business. I am not bitter about anything. I know you deal in untruths, but could you give me a better adjective? You have me missing the days when a certain poser used to call me Ike Farrakhan the woman hater.


Ole Pothole Bob was a worthless turd, but so was Blunt Jr. I hold him equally accountable for allowing big bonuses to be paid out to social workers for being "efficient" in handing out welfare and in 2007 the DCSE was found without any doubt to be committing fraud and libel against citizens. Did he doa damn thing about it? Nope, he coward like the little spoon fed skirt he is. I f I were Governor and the State Auditor documented what Susan Montee did, I would have started firing and having people prosecuted. I would also IMMEDIATELY made sure the individuals that were robbed, received their just compensation plus interest. Of course his opposition (JAy Nixon) would have done nothing as the AG. They are all in on i the big take. Screw each and everyone of them, screw them twice if they are lawyers. May the all die slow miserable deaths.


Oops Race Card (the bitter) rightfully correct me. When Blunt took over after "Holden-on". Our medicaid payments were second in the Nation, only California, as I recall, was higher.

Foks like good old Mindy want to see us return to the days of a "free lunch", and the way Jay Bird and Yomama are operating she well may get her wish.

(Sorry about the mistake RC,good catch. BTW I see the Royals are finally living up to the KC Baseball tradition.)


What I do not understand is how some people think the government is trustworthy with their horrid track record of accountability and being able to handle finances. If you or I operated they way these clowns do, we would be in jail for larceny, fraud, theft, robbery, money laundering, extortion.
All I can say is bleeding hearts think everyoone is entitled to OPM and if you don't give it up you by default have no compassion for anyone or are considered selfish. What I think is selfish are people that allow themselves to be comfortable in poverty and/or use their children as an excuse for their lack of fiscal responsibility.

Smarter Than You

The classic myth of “if the money comes from the federal government, it really doesn’t cost anything!” I guess that may be accurate for those who pay their taxes with happy thoughts and good intentions, but for those of us who pay taxes with hard earned cash, it’s another story.

Since the topic of the letter was expansion of entitlements, let’s take a look at the news from this week. According to THE ECONOMIST England’s top tax rate is now a whopping 61% (and before you start the “rich deserve to pay” diatribe, that rate is on people making around $150K). At the same time European countries have to cut back on socialized medical coverage because of costs. This is illustrative of the falsehoods that these types of systems lower costs and offer similar coverage.

Meanwhile, for those of you who didn’t read the paper or on-line news recently. . .
Social Security is closer to bankruptcy than we were earlier led to believe. Medicare is in even worse shape. And yes, the current economic crisis pushed failure forward a few years, but they were already on the path to insolvency.

The VA is worried because of a “perfect storm,” veterans utilizing their service, they may be in danger of failure.

Here’s a thought. Pay for the current entitlements before you expand. Show some leadership from Washington and say we must honor our current commitments before we can ethically look at any expansion.

That would be change. That would be transparent and accountable. That will never happen under our current leadership.




Apparently Mindy did not read the bill and assumed. Look at how conveluted it is.
Looks like massive pork grab to me.



In 2005, our Medicaid payments were second in the NATION!!! We were behind NY and California"...-El Mon Kee

With math like that who needs an enema?


Hey Mindy, Kiss my broken back old veteran Airborbe AZZ....It would not have cost us "nothing"? Uh Mindy Baby, us poor working schlubs pay 0 Federal taxes here in MO?

Please let me know where I can sign up to pay zero Federal Taxes...

In 2005, our Medicaid payments were second in the NATION!!! We were behind NY, and California,,,WTH is wrong with this pic Mindy baby??

You want me to cry, pee, and moan, over folks who have kids and cannot afford to take of them....sorry Mindy...Go suck on a food stamp....

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