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July 12, 2009

Cap-and-trade debate

Contrary to the double-barreled negative views about cap and trade expressed in Sunday’s Star both by Donna Gordon (7/5, Letters) and by E. Thomas McClanahan’s half-page and overly headlined “Opinion” piece (7/5), there are sound and quite positive arguments for why the recently passed U.S. House bill on this subject will promote rather than kill growth, and create rather than kill jobs.

 There is simply no long-term future for the industries and associated jobs that emit massive amounts of carbon into the air. We are already near — if not beyond — the “tipping point” at which the total carbon content of Earth’s atmosphere will soon enough cause increasingly catastrophic damage to our planet.

 Wouldn’t a majority of your readers prefer the relatively mild and market-based intervention of a cap-and-trade system, designed to diminish emissions gradually, by allowing companies time to convert to renewable and non-polluting production, with many new jobs created by such a transition?

Owen de Long


It seems that our, ahem, “leaders” in the House passed a fine bill the other night. Never mind that that more than 300 pages were inserted at the last minute, preventing a majority of our representatives from even reading the thing, and a vote was called in the middle of the night to ram it through.

The media seem so worried about fairness in the recent Iranian election, while the tyranny and complete mockery of representative government presently thriving in Washington goes unreported. What happened to the transparency we were so eloquently promised by this administration?

I guess the words served the temporary purpose they were intended for. Times of $4-a-gallon gasoline will be a fond affordable-energy memory for us if cap and trade becomes a reality. Core energy costs compound exponentially. Remember fuel surcharges? What do you suppose will happen to our economic food chain when electricity rates “necessarily skyrocket,” as Obama has said?

Proudly crafted by the same brilliant minds that force-fed us $787 billion-worth of bank bailout, I’m sure it’s bound to work.

Chris Harper

Lee’s Summit


Antonio Sosa

No patriotic and informed American can support cap and trade, Obama’s huge Ponzy scheme that will kill the U.S. economy.

Cap and Trade "would be the equivalent of an atomic bomb directed at the U.S. economy—all without any scientific justification," says famed climatologist Dr. S. Fred Singer. It would significantly increase taxes and the cost of energy, forcing many companies to close, thus increasing unemployment, poverty and dependence.

Cap and trade represents huge taxes and cost increases, which will hurt mostly the poor and the middle class while further empowering and enriching Obama and his fraudulent billionaire friends (Gore, Soros, Goldman Sachs, Obama’s Chicago Climate Exchange friends, GE, the United Nations, etc.)-- all at our expense and at the expense of our children and grandchildren.

More than 700 international scientists dissent over man-made global warming claims. They are now more than 13 times the number of UN scientists (52) who authored the media-hyped IPCC 2007 Summary for Policymakers. http://www.climatechangefraud.com/content/view/3562/218/

Additionally, more than 30,000 American scientists have signed onto a petition that states, "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate." http://www.petitionproject.org

Those brainwashed to the point of wanting to destroy the economy to "prevent global warming" are behaving like the most primitive human beings who were duped into believing that human sacrifices would ensure them good weather. Human beings don't have the power to control climate! And killing the economy will not help the environment. Poor countries can't protect the environment. Just look at Haiti!

Please do what you can to defend your family and your country from Obama’s criminal scheme



Follow the links. Follow the money.

Your government has been sold.

Obama and the Dems are beginning to look more and more like Bush and the Reps every day.



By Tom Doggett Tom Doggett – Wed Jul 8, 3:37 pm ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. Senate bill introduced on Tuesday would give the Commodity Futures Trading Commission full authority over markets that buy and sell pollution permits issued to companies as part of a climate change plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Such markets will be critical to the success of a U.S. cap-and-trade system that allows companies to trade carbon allowances, which are permits to emit one metric ton of carbon dioxide that is a cause of global warming.


THe fox has been given the keys to the hen house.


"... We need legislation designed to give us more scientists, engineers and doctors, not more lawyers and avenues to corrupt our political process more than it already is. ..."

Amen, only you might add "corrupt bankers" to your corrupt lawyers.

"... Goldman Sachs wrote the Cap and Trade garbage!!?? ..."

I don't know if they technically "wrote it" or not but GS is definitely the invisible hand beneath it.

Follow the money, dummy. Who stands to win the most from "Cap and Trade"? Hint: It won't be you or me winning anything.

The CFTC will guide the new carbon trading market. The new head of the CFTC (Gary Gensler) is a another Goldman Sachs mole.



Kee, I agree with your final conclusion. However, congressional aids more likely wrote the bill - Waxman, whose name is at the top, has clearly stated that not even he has read it fully.

That aside, Wall Street trading firms clearly stand to benefit from Cap and Trade - after all, who do you think is going to open their pocket in the middle of the boondoggle to facilitate the trading?

While there are many bad things about this steaming pile of Pelosi, the real threat here is the power-grab. This is, without a doubt, the most significant power-grab attempt by Congress since the U.S. was founded as an independent nation.


Goldman Sachs wrote the Cap and Trade garbage!!?? ROTFLMAO! Horsey you have got to put down the home made ciggie poos! Buy the factory jobs!

Oober leftist weenies Waxman and Markey wrote that piece of crap. I do not know if the Banking Queen Barney was involved or not, but I assure GS did not nothing to encourage the "knee cap trade" hogwash.



Most of Wall Street, and America, is still waiting for an economic recovery. Then there is Goldman Sachs.

Up and down Wall Street, analysts and traders are buzzing that Goldman, which only recently paid back its government bailout money, will report blowout profits from trading on Tuesday.

Analysts predict the bank earned more than $2 billion in the March-June period, thanks to its trading prowess across world markets. If they are right, the bank’s rivals will once again be left to wonder exactly how Goldman, long the envy of Wall Street, could have rebounded so dramatically only months after the nation’s financial industry was shaken to its foundations.

Startling, too, is how much of its profits Goldman is expected to share with its employees. Analysts estimate that the bank will set aside enough money to pay a total of $18 billion in compensation and benefits this year to its 28,000 employees, or more than $600,000 per employee. Top producers stand to earn millions.



Cap and Trade was proudly crafted by the same brilliant minds that force-fed us $787 billion worth of bank bailout ... Goldman Sachs.

And Harper thought it was really who behind the scheme? Barney Frank? Ha, ha.


The second greatest economic power held by government is to tax; the greatest is to selectively un-tax. With this seemingly innocuous power, Congress elicits favors from all those who are willing to pay the tab. To radically expand this power is the central goal of Cap and Trade legislation.

For months my friends and most of the pundits I follow thought there was so little chance of Cap and Trade legislation passing, they ignored the issue and, at best, humored me when I pointed to it as the greatest economic threat facing the U.S. economy today. However, with it now apparent there is real threat of this legislation passing the House; thinking people are beginning to take notice. Unfortunately, it may be too late.

Because Congress is not encumbered by truth in advertising laws, the Cap and Trade bill, which even some Democrats call "Cap and Tax," has been named the "American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009" or, as its called inside the beltway, "ACES." This title accompanies two House Resolutions, H.R. 2454 and H.R. 2998. When writing your Senators, I suggest referencing the full title (American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009) and both of the bill numbers noted above. This is a point in time when being abundantly clear is of the utmost importance.

The important thing to understand about ACES is that it is not at all designed to do what its name suggests; as a matter of fact, when viewed on a global basis, it may have just the opposite effect; there are strong arguments to be made supporting the contention that ACES would cause higher global CO2 emissions and significantly detract from our national security even beyond the nearly unbeatable fact it would be ruinous for our economy.

There are many easy, painless and even economically positive ways we can encourage reduced CO2 emissions and stimulate the development of new technologies that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, which is what is implied by the "security" part of the title. However, this bill will not accomplish these goals. What this bill will accomplish is a mechanism for massive corruption, the strengthening of the power of congressional incumbency, the establishment of a full employment act for lawyers and the debasement of the aggregate U.S. economy. Yes, those are bold words, but I can back them up.

If this bill passes, Congress will have the power to decide who gets to release CO2, how much they will get to release, how much they will have to pay if they want to release more than the congressional dictated allocation and who they must pay. Because nearly everything we do from raising cattle to growing crops to powering our electric grid to manufacturing everything we eat, wear and use emits CO2, the implication is Congress will have absolute control over not just our economy as a whole, but also in naming the winners and losers.

Make no mistake; what our Congress is trying to do is levy a huge carbon tax that will make virtually everything we do today more expensive and then give itself the ultimate and nearly infinite power to selectively un-tax without the annoying encumbrances or inconveniences of due process. Congress knows that if it is successful in this ruse, it will have industry cowering at its feet to beg for just one more bowl of CO2 credits and, with that, all the campaign contributions and perks you would expect to change hands when favors are denominated in tens or, in some cases, hundreds of billions of dollars.

When you write your Senators, which is something you can easily do today through the House web site, www.senate.gov, you should ask for two things. First, that they sign an affidavit stating they have read and understand the contents of both H.R. 2454 and H.R. 2998 and, second, to not only vote against the Senate version of ACES, but also mount a campaign to influence others to vote against them as well.

The bottom line here is that there is nothing that threatens our economy, our freedom, our state's rights, our class mobility and our security more than what is being deceitfully presented as the "American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009." The power it will grant Congress is absolute and its wording is so duplicitous that it will clog our courts for years, which will do nothing more than redirect what money is left in our economy to lawyers. We need legislation designed to give us more scientists, engineers and doctors, not more lawyers and avenues to corrupt our political process more than it already is.

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