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September 04, 2009

Performing abortions doctor’s ‘mission’?

I just returned home from the funeral of my father, a family physician from Mexico, Mo. My sadness was heightened when I read The Star’s front-page article about LeRoy Carhart, who is to replace the late-term abortionist, George Tiller (8/30, A1, “Doctor takes up Tiller’s mission”). What a sorry day for our country when we champion abortion and call it a “mission.”
My dad stood for quite the opposite: a “mission” for life. He was a man who not only delivered 1,300 babies but also cared for many of them throughout their lives. In his retirement, he set up a crisis pregnancy center and counseled women and girls suffering from the trauma of abortion.

 I thought preserving life was what a doctor’s “mission” was about. Obviously, the Hippocratic Oath has long been forgotten.
I choose to champion my father, a man who had a “mission” for life, a “mission” for life from conception to natural death.
Jean Fahlstrom 



The use of the word "mission" is totally acceptable. You may not like the mission but it is still a mission. Semantic games like this do nothing to resolve the differences between those that call themselves pro-choice and those that claim to be pro-life. It makes those trying to redefine words look petty and juvenile.


Uh, dude, I think that's why "mission" is in "quotation marks". Is far as I can tell, you and the letter writer agree completely, but hey, any opportunity for a tirade!


This misuse of the word "mission" is not just unnerving, but disgusting. Yes, there are many types of missions: there's a military mission; there's a medical missionary, for example, to a third world country; there are spiritual missions. But to willfully destroy the most vulnerable and loving and innocent among us, if you want to call that a "mission", is a mission from the devil.

The distinction to be made here is clear: "There are many spirits, but only one God." It's an attempt to subtly employ a relativistic approach to the murder of the unborn! There IS an ABSOLUTE TRUTH! 2 plus 2 will always be 4. There IS a right and a wrong. We were told so long ago in the Ten Commandments, and we continue to veer away from those most crucial COMMANDS! What is wrong with this world?

The TRUE LIFE AND GRISLY MURDER of aborted babies is REAL, folks! Any "mission" to murder them is a diabolical one! But the term "Mission" is very much misapplied here. A missionary is one who goes out to heal, to save, not kill. Only a demon destroys the helpless unborn, who are learning language even while they are still in the womb. Before God formed the world, He KNEW and NAMED each one of us! That's in Scripture. We're not talking about a rock, or a lump of clay. We're talking about human life, PRECIOUS human life! If you didn't know this before, go to priestsforlife.org and look at the photo gallery of developing fetuses and the one of aborted babies. You may cry, but you will learn something very, very valuable. It just might save your soul. And that's MY "Mission" with this comment!

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