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October 13, 2009

Business owner’s integrity impresses

Fidel McMurray, owner of Premier Asphalt Paving, was recommended to me to recoat my asphalt driveway by several of my neighbors. I had never met Mr. McMurray nor have I at this writing.

I contracted over the phone for his company to provide their services. I asked at that time if he required a deposit and he said no, he always made certain that customers were satisfied before they had to pay anything.

McMurray’s work was completed efficiently and promptly. He then sent us a bill. My wife paid the bill, which I did not know. I also paid the bill. Mr. McMurray called me several times, and he finally ran me down to inform me that we had overpaid him $580. He wanted to return the check, which he personally dropped by our home.

The manner in which my wife and I operate our personal finances, I doubt we would have ever picked up that we overpaid him. It was so refreshing to see the high degree of integrity that he operates under.

Mack V. Colt
Mission Hills



Hey, Guy,

I was just being facetious about the Mission Hills address. I doubt they are troubled financially.
As far as higher taxes, explain that. I mean, I've been plotting my little piece all year to take advantage of a few temporary tax breaks for 2009: rolled out some cash because of my lower projected tax,


Impossible. Businesses are only out to screw everyone, only government is honest and trust worthy. Just look at their track record. Tough times? I guess if you are unemployed maybe, otherwise nothing has really changed. What is so tough JoCo? Explain what exactly it is that is so drastically changed that is making finances tough? We have not seen anyhting except higher taxation.



Casady - Yet a lot of organizations I've dealt with haven't mastered the fine art of doing the simple things right.

I didn't see over glorification in Mack's letter. Plain and simple gratitude.


I suppose Sammy. If nothing else, it's nice to get a referral for a contractor who won't try to rip you off. As you may have noticed, I just have a pet peeve about the overglorification of simply doing something right. Sort of like saying someone is a great father because he doesn't beat his kids.


Casady - Not sure it's a big deal, but it's definitely worth knowing.

Mack - I'd recommend re-tooling your personal finance operations. Suggestion: Assign clear responsibility for paying bills.


Sorry Kate but why is it now a big deal when someone does the right thing? It sort of reminds me of that group the Promise Keepers who make a big deal about not screwing around on their wives and remaining committed to their marriage and families. I'm not sure about you but the last time I looked, that is what should be expected, not something that should be lauded as an exception.


Parade, meet rain.


Short answer to Hoppy, yes.


I'm not sure this qualifies as a "high" degree of integrity. Mr. McMurray not returning the duplicate payment would qualify as pretty sleazy. The fact that he returned the payment leads me do to beleive that he runs a stand up business and nothing more. It's not some act of greatness.

Have we really gotten to the point where doing what is expected of us is now lauded as a great thing to the point where it receives public acclaim?


What kind of coating can be put on a Mission Hills driveway for $580?

And God bless Fidel for saving the Colts the embarrassment and service charge of a bounced check. They really should be more careful in these tough times.

Is it a good thing to operate UNDER a high degree of integrity?

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