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November 10, 2009

3rd District ‘dictator’

Representatives are elected to serve and represent the views of their constituents. When a congressman isolates himself from his constituents, he cannot understand their needs. Furthermore, when a congressman votes in favor of legislation that does not remotely represent the views of his constituents, then that representative is acting as a dictator.

The voters of the 3rd District of Kansas have a dictator, and his name is Congressman Dennis Moore. Moore would not hold town hall meetings to discuss health care reform. Instead, he voted in favor of Obama/Pelosi care, which Kansans are vehemently against as they know it will increase the deficit, increase taxes, reduce Medicare benefit payments and reduce medical care quality to the 85 percent of Americans who already have health insurance. Let’s make sure our congressional representatives can’t opt out of any plan they enact for us.

Kansans deserve a congressman who will represent their views in Washington. Dennis Moore must go.

Thomas Pappas



I would suspect Whispering not only like dueling banjos, teabgging but also listens to the the band Cornholio while watching his favorite lesbo on MSNBC.

THAT was my foot

Dennis has got my vote...


So, because pro abortion supporters aren’t as crazy as the George Tiller shooter that means the pro abortion supporters aren’t extremists? [Laughing]

As whispering has so clearly demonstrated it is extremists on our political left and right who quickly try to demonize differences or opposition. For those whom they disagree with they are all extremists who have yet to kill. Yet with others they stand back and try to understand the extenuating circumstances. Maybe, they rationalize, we’ve just experienced another example of a Baskin-Robbins, 31 different kinds of “victim-hood”.


whispering misses that point that the tea baggers are so called extremists, but the shooter is not. He is just misguided.


Teabagging is what liberal d-bags like whispering and his boyfriends do to each other. Tea party protest is what American patriots have done for several hundred years. Interesting that whispering assumes everyone has the same perversions as he does.


So, because the teabaggers aren't as crazy as the Fort Hood shooter that means the teabaggers aren't extremists?

Sorry, but crazy comes in many different flavors. Mental health is like Baskin-Robbins, with more than 31 different kinds.

I challenge you to a DUEL!!!


Thanks. All those now old actors look horribly young in "Deliverance" and now I'm suddenly feeling older too.


YEah those people on Fox are extremists. Those tea baggers are also, right whispering?

But that guy yesterday, who shot and killed 13 people is just misunderstood.

That's what your "people" say at least. But they are ignorant, just like you.

Oh and you are a bigot also.


Here's a transcript of the hero of the [lunatic] conservative FOX fringe asking his minions to tea bag Congress ...


Send in them tea bags, teabaggers. Viva la Revolución!!!


Thats what I thought, whispering does not have an ounce of character.

Letters Editor if "teabagger" is a permissible term what other obscene names are permitted? Just curious.


whispering: BIGOT. to each his own.

Letters Editor

No dueling unless it's with banjos.


"Kee", on Hardball from 2004 ...


"I challenge you to a DUEL!!!"

Letters Editor

OK, everybody. Let's discuss the letters with civility. No name-calling. And no dueling.


Kee: "teabagger".

To each his own.

Mainstream Coalition

Dennis is indeed a liar. He holds himself out as a blue dog Democrat when he is in fact a yellow bellied socialist. And while we're uncovering his lies, where are his divorce decrees? Why are they no where to be found. What is he hiding there? Dennis Moore, coward and walking lie.


Where is the part about the "Wal-Mart parking lot"?

Knocking some idiot on his ass is hardly "challenging him to a duel"! Kinda of like the rest of your posts Senator Clara, long on rhetoric and short on facts.

Now please do not use that term again it is offensive to many good people. I have now asked you politely, lets see if you do have even an ounce of character.



"I live in Blue Springs, and if I ever see and identify your sorry a.., it will be my pleasure to knock you on that sorry a-- whether in Independence or the Springs." - Posted by: Kee | Oct 19, 2009 10:43:17 PM

"I challenge you to a DUEL!!!"

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