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December 27, 2009

McCaskill has right to feel ‘sad’

Joy Freeland and Marijane Green (12/23, Letters) chastise Sen. Claire McCaskill for feeling “sad” about being away from home for Christmas. I find it small-minded, petty and, yes, a little “sad” that they would attack her for this very human and understandable emotion.

As a Marine combat veteran, let me assure them that we consider it an honor, not an unpleasant chore, to serve our country anywhere at any time. Also, we don’t consider living in unheated tents, on cots, in sleeping bags to be hardships. We call those luxuries.

Sen. McCaskill has as much right to be homesick at Christmas as anyone else. So the next time you want to write some whiny piece about a politician you don’t like, leave the Marines out of it. We don’t like whiners.

Richard McCarstle

So this is the level of political discourse that we are wallowing in. Letter writers Joy Freeland and Marijane Green are so upset with Sen. McCaskill’s comment that she is sad not to be home with family at Christmas time.

May I assume that if the senator said, “Oh, I’m thrilled to be away from my family at Christmas time” it would have made Ms. Freeland and Ms. Green happier?

Give it a rest, ladies, and appreciate what is good in your lives.

Cliff Schiappa
Kansas City


Floyd Gingrich

I think the posts regarding the senator's relatively minor inconvenience are missing the irony. She stayed in Washington until shortly after 7:00 AM on Christmas Eve to be the deciding vote to give citizens of the USA a set of Christmas gifts: a (probably unconstitutional) mandate that all citizens must purchase a commercial product, the establishment of debtors' prisons which were last abolished in the nineteenth century, a remedy for the two people who die every ten minutes (according to Sen Reid) for lack of health insurance - the help will start in four years, after the next 211,000, or so, victims of no insurance pass away, and the privilege to pay $400 million in bribes to the senators from the great states of Louisiana (the Louisiana Purchase) and Nebraska. Those items are just for starters.

Better she had gone home and made those cookies and saved the country from some very bad legislation.


“There are far too many loons on the far left who will seize upon anything, any idle or innocent statement, in order to make some kind of political slur. JayhawkinMO post was a waste of our time….”

The wonder of political bullet points. What goes around, comes around and around and round…..

“Freeland's and Green's letters were a waste of paper and ink…”

Should have started and ended you post with that factual observation. Agreed, two more letters printed by The Star based on nothing but their entertainment value.


There are far too many loons on the far right who will seize upon anything, any idle or innocent statement, in order to make some kind of political slur. Freeland's and Green's letters were a waste of paper and ink...


If she had been thrilled for not being at home then she would have been attacked for not having "family values" or for not caring about christmas.

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