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December 05, 2009

Too many single mothers

Why are there so many single mothers? (12/2, Opinion, “As I See It: Bearing the brunt of poverty”) Possibly because liberal policies have encouraged and rewarded poor choices. With Aid to Families with Dependent Children payments being abused as baby payoffs, there is no end to the cash cow. How about mandatory birth control before receiving the first check?

While I applaud the efforts of the Women’s Foundation to educate, education of boys and men to respect life might go a long way toward reducing the numbers of single moms. The focus should not be what to do about single mothers but rather how to avoid becoming one.

Until the liberal media vilify the Hollywood crowd and sports figures for breeding like cur dogs, treating the symptoms only allows the problem to fester.

Dawn Oliver, executive director at The Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City, states: “In the Kansas City area in 2007, the average income for males was $47,088; for females it was $35,609. In other words, in Kansas City, women earn 76 cents for every dollar earned by men.” She does not say “for performing the same work.” This makes a big difference and is very misleading. I hope this was just a mistake.

Dan Yates
Bonner Springs



Jazz it became political when legislation became written with gender bias.
You seldmom hear whing from "single dads", because most men are labeled deadbeats, unwarranted I might add.
When State entities get caught reporting bogus numbers and using bogus accounting practcies, it is simply overlooked.

Keith Williams3

Since when did being a single mother become a political issue?

d brown

lets hurt them real bad. it will save them. Right, right wing.

Dan Beyer

"Me! Me! Me!" the mantra of our mixed up generation!

When you have children you give up self and make sure they have a father and mother together for their good!

Lisa Laskey

Seeking insight into availability of statistics on this topic. I would like to weigh in from a position of one of "those" single mothers - a well educated, mid-age, suburban, formerly married mother of two honor students.

I feel that it is of critical importance before entering debate to be well-versed on the topic and be willing to present all angles - only then can one's position and opinion be - if not agreed with - respected as valid and thoughtful.

Insight appreciated.
Respectfully, Lisa


Hey Moral City, LBJ created these social programs, that ain't "partisanship" moonbat, that's fact!

Stifled Freedom

Kee, how about addressing the issue? LBJ is long gone. Put your partisanship aside for just awhile.

Stifled Freedom

So the Women's Foundation is busy blaming the choices of young mothers on the male? Typical. Most women's organizations are no longer about women....they are really about hating and disadvantaging men.

Since the mere concept of a "Man's Foundation" would be considered a complete and total outrage, I can tell you Dan that the Woman's Foundation will out-lobby you all to pieces. And not because they are right...just because that is thier objective.


Just another effect of LBJ's war on poverty, which by now has cost taxpayers over $5 trillion. Government replaced fatherhood and the results have catastrophic.


Something tells me that if a call went out to stone "liberal unwed mothers", Dan would be the first to show up with a rock.

Breeding like cur dogs?

The move from unwed mothers to Hollywood/sports and on to "equal pay for equal work" was nearly seamless. Nice work, three letters-to-the-editor packed into only one.

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