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January 23, 2010

A dose of self-interest

I don’t support health care reform because I don’t have a pre-existing condition. I don’t support gay marriage or other gay rights because I’m not gay.

I don’t support improvements to public education because I no longer need it. I don’t support immigration reform because had the good sense to be born here. I do support the many politicians and my fellow citizens who give me comfort in these positions.

We must never let the American Dream be modified without a healthy dose of self.

Michael W. Thompson



Adam Bernard

Umm... what? So, Michael, let me get this straight--I'm assuming, based on this 'logic', that you don't support civil rights or women's rights, either, correct? It's clear you also care nothing for the condition of your fellow man (or woman)--the typically selfish attitude that's led to the not-entirely-inaccurate 'Ugly American' stereotype worldwide. The good news, I suppose, is that you've decided not to breed or parent, given your lack of interest in public education improvements (some info here: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE60O0TK20100125) and health care insurance reform.

Oh, and to those that view homosexuality as a choice: it's not. Unless you'd like to tell the rest of us how and why you came to the conclusion that you're straight.


T. Hanson

As it was pointed out (by everyone besides Fox News) the Brown win is 2% of a 50% branch of a 33% level of Government. Fox and Friends are speaking of this man as being the next President Elect.


I see Michael Thompson would rather wallow in his straw man vision of his opposition than try to understand their actual positions.


Thanks Michael, for speaking the truth as you and most liberals believe it to be. Unlike politicians who hide behind being "moderate" in public and wild eyed libs behind closed doors. Yes Michaels thanks for showing us what libs believe, not in tolerance, not in compromise, but only in complete adherance to YOUR ideals and that anyone who is not a believer as you are is evil.


Michael is having a little leftist hissy fit. Tell you what Mikie book passage and stay in Cuba for a month or so. You will feel ever so much better. OH, and Hey, don't worry, I hear they got some toilet paper in...

Smarter Than You

Joe Gallagher from Prairie Village had a similar letter yesterday. The concept is that if you don't vote Democratic you are voting against Social Security, Schools, etc. It's amazing how a single senate seat from Massachusetts has thrown the Democratic party into such lunatic extremes.

(My apologies if this offended the honorable sensabilities of any liberal bloggers here who luxuriate in the lunatic extreme).


You mean health INSURANCE reform, the heealth care in this country is of the highest quality. Most of us are for reform where needed, not government scalping and ridiculous unsustainable mandates.
What is improvement in public education, improve it how? Make it easier and "fair" so children can be indoctrinated with liberal manifestos? What is educated? Define it. Is it regurgitating information and having a lrge vocabulary as to sound educated or is it objctive and actually undrstanding where a person's natural ailities and acumen are.

Gay marriage is a tough subject, who re we to say who people should be happy with. At the same time wy sould a group receive special rights and treatment because of choices they make. I have no problem with gays, just do not want to pay for those that contract AIDS from poor behavior.

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