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April 25, 2010

Nature’s beautiful trees

The cherry trees are in full bloom, and they are a beautiful sight. As I stand near them and enjoy their beauty, I notice one alarming quality: There are no bees to pollinate them.

The insecticide we use knows no boundaries between good and evil. So my advice to you is be careful of the amount of chemicals that are used on plants, and know how to use them before beginning.

Paul Meyn Sr.

Overland Park



Gayhawk Poochie your opinion of me does not even jiggle the needle of my giveacrapometer. As far as the holiday dinner remark, sounds like you yourself have first hand knowledge of the attitude you assign me.

Keith Williams3

Right Knasasdog; but on another blog Kee says I'm offensive for say tea bagger or the word is offensive. Oh wait I did call the the guy who croass-bread the killer bee and honey bee an idiot. Sorry if I offended anyone for that.


"So my advice to you is be careful of the amount of chemicals that are used on plants, and know how to use them before beginning." - letter writer

four comments in on this relatively mild topic and here comes the insults and bashing.

How do those holiday dinners go at the Kee household? Does anyone actually sit down and eat? My guess is no one stays past the initial 'greeting' Kee offers.

Keith Williams3

The issue is the idiot that decided to cross breed the killer bees with honey bees. Maybe it was a natural occurrence but either way you have to BEE lol careful and cautious which causes people to panic and over do it with the pesticides.


jayhawk67: You are a moron, and have no idea what Goldman Sachs even does. You don't have an account with them, and I doubt you know anyone that does. Please stop with the talking points, they show your stupidity. Typical liberal.


Marcalan: You are incorrect, DDT has been banned by all countries according to the Stockholm accord, India, and North Korea are the only 2 currently using and producing it, because of possible epidemic. The banning of DDT made the cost increase around 3000 percent, and this is why it is not used or available in Africa, they can't afford it. So yes banning DDT is reponsible for the one to three miilion deaths in Africa. You and the other treehuggers should sleep soundly knowing their blood is on your hands!


The comment, "killing with smug little attitudes" holds no credibility based on facts, in regards to malaria.

Malaria is treatable. Millions die from it because they don't receive treatment. Most of the estimated 1 million deaths a year(worldwide) occur in Africa, where DDT has not been banned. DDT is banned in the United States where malaria has been eliminated from since 1951, However, 1,500 travelers from the United States return with malaria each year with an average of around 5 deaths per year for the last 30 years.


A lot of pesticides are "toxic to humans" Hijacker, it doesn't mean they should be banned. And if malaria is treatable, how come millions are dying from it?

But hey you tree huggers just keep on killing with your smug little attitudes.


Malaria is a treatable disease. DDT is toxic to humans. There is more than one coin to look at.


Thinking like this causes the deaths of millions around the world due to malaria after banning ddt, the one thing that would control them. There are two sides to every coin.


Amen. I read somewhere that the Bayer company developed an insecticide that is incorporated into seeds. It is derived from nicotine and is a prime suspect in the alarming, widespread incidents of colony collapse that have been brought to our attention the past several years.
If that is the case, Bayer could certainly displace Toyota as the second most irresponsible corporation. Goldman Sachs will always be number one.

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