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May 12, 2010

Anti-war exhibit

War and concern for the safety of U.S. troops in combat produce very strong feelings. The use of military force and risking our soldiers’ lives are crucial decisions.

Unfortunately, the “Afghanistan Eyes Wide Open Exhibit,” scheduled for display at Kansas City Kansas Community College starting April 20, was a casualty of a battle of ideas. The memorial exhibit includes combat boots bearing the names of each of the 13 Kansas and 25 Missouri soldiers killed in Afghanistan. The exhibit also was to include five pairs of shoes representing the thousands of dead Afghan civilians.

An administrator at the college chose to prevent the exhibit from coming to campus. Kansas City Kansas Community College does a heroic job educating students. In this case it has let its students and our community down. The personal politics of an administrator should not arbitrarily censor the ideas and views to which students are exposed.

Ira Harritt

Kansas City Program


American Friends Service

Committee, Kansas City


Keith Williams3

Anti war or ignorance; how can one not support these wo/men fighting for US/our country even if you disagree with the war in general??

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