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October 03, 2010

Laws of road are made to be followed

Please tell me: When did they change the laws? It used to be the law that  bikes used to have to travel with traffic. But now all over Missouri I see people doing these things against oncoming cars. Do they not realize how hazardous that is?

They are moving right past all of our local law officers, and nothing is ever done. Better yet, even our local bike cops are doing it too. It makes it hard for them to stop these practices when they are guilty themselves.

So where do we go for answers?

Curtis D. Sharp
Lee’s Summit


Letters Editor

The original version of this letter contained an error. Bikes are generally instructed to ride with traffic in Kansas and Missouri, though there are some restrictions. Pedestrians should walk on the left, facing traffic. There will be a correction in the Oct. 16 paper.


hmm... I'm pretty sure that the laws regarding pedestrians in the roadway have not changed recently. I am pretty sure that it has been common practice for pedestrians to walk or run against traffic when the lack of a sidewalk or pedestrian pathway requires them to share the road with cars. The reasons for doing so see quite common sense to me. It has been this way for as long as I can remember. If in the future you want to instruct the general public about the rules of the road I suggest you at least take the time to learn them yourself.

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