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October 15, 2010

Puppy mills must go

Puppy mills are an abomination. Puppy mill workers use female dogs to breed hundreds of pups. Breeding is the female dogs’ only job, and they are forced to keep breeding until they die. The pups are put in wire cages without love, attention, toys or medical needs.

These puppies are sent to pet stores to be bought, and so the cycle of puppy mills continues. The result from all of this neglect is that the puppies often have behavior and health problems.

You can save a life if you adopt a dog from a shelter because you are helping to stop this horrible cycle of abuse. People often buy from a pet store because the animals are too cute or because they want the puppies from horrid conditions to have a loving family and home.

In all reality, by buying from pet stores, you are just helping the system. The puppy mills will replace that pup with another.

Please, save a life and adopt. Help us end the wicked cycle.

Kelsey Chalmers


Tom K

You're one to talk, KC. You've been mouthing some of the most sheared wit I've ever read in this thread.


"Dog dumpers are simply sick of giving valuable property up to people who will abuse them for it."

How odd is that statement.

Tom K

And don't call me "nigger."

Tom K

You want to punish all legally licensed breeders for the acts of a few. You want to violate the constitutional right to the free use of ones own property. When someone calls you on it you resort to insults, personal attacks. Your case has no substance.

Agriculture will protect itself from you. I hope that it inflicts a lot of misery and loss on you the way that you are trying to do to honest businesspeople. You are trying to steal people's legal and ethical businesses and jobs. For this you should be penalized by law. There is also the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. It provides for such penalties.

Dog dumpers are simply sick of giving valuable property up to people who will abuse them for it. Too many rescuers ask people to "do the right thing" and then betray them when they do. People are getting sick of being treated like dirt for your profit.


I always wondered what the pet dumpers thought they were doing for their pets.

Did they think they were releasing them to a new life in the wild as free spirits?

Or, did they realize their pets would soon become food for other creatures or die slowly of starvation and they just didn't care anything about their well being?

Dogs and cats aren't livestock. Tom is part of what's wrong with the world today.

Tom K

Katie, you're funny.


What I hold in contempt, Tom, is the person who mistreats animals.

How many dogs do you breed and sell, Tom? What conditions are they kept in? Say, why don't you post pictures of your operation so we can all see for ourselves how you treat your property.

Tom K

Part of the problem, Katie, is that you don't realize how bad your rhetoric looks. You have utter contempt for human rights for one thing.

It is my right to decide how many dogs I will breed and sell. You have no say. If you get a law passed that says otherwise, you will still be wrong and you will still have violated my Constitutional rights. I can already see how much contempt you hold for those rights, but you know what? That just shows what kind of people want those laws.


Similar story here, whispering. We adopted one shelter dog, but over the years all except 2 of our cats were dumped nearby. We (and by that I mean me) took in one after being told that it's owner was tired of it and planned to dump it in the country. This lowlife lived on the Plaza, by the way.

I vote for the puppy mill operator as the lower low-life. They see the animals suffering every day for years on end, but as long as they can make a buck, they don't care.


We have several dogs and cats here.

None were purchased. They didn't even come from the shelter. We live near a feature that's always been popular for the pet dumpers. All our resident pets just sort of moved in and made themselves at home after they were dumped nearby.

There was eventually a limit to how many dumped pets we could take in and the dumped pets that followed we've since managed to find good homes for instead.

It really is a tossup who the lower life form is, the puppy miller or the pet dumper.


From the Gold Standard of legal definitions, Wikipedia:

"For most of its history, the Act had very little effect. The legal community did not think the statute served as a check on state officials and few cases were brought under the statute.

Circumstances changed in 1961 when the Supreme Court of the United States articulated three purposes that underlay the statute: "1) 'to override certain kinds of state laws'; 2) to provide 'a remedy where state law was inadequate'; and 3) to provide 'a federal remedy where the state remedy, though adequate in theory, was not available in practice.'"[2] Blum & Urbonya, Section 1983 Litigation, p. 2 (Federal Judicial Center, 1998) (quoting Monroe v. Pape). Pape opened the door for renewed interest in Section 1983 among American legal scholars.

Now the statute stands as one of the most powerful authorities with which State and federal courts may protect those whose rights are deprived. Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act provides a way individuals can sue to redress violations of federally protected rights, like the First Amendment rights and the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Section 1983 can be used to enforce rights based on the federal constitution and federal statutes, such as the prohibition of public sector employment discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex and religion. Section 1983 rarely applies to private employers."

Apparently, Tom's referring to his Federally protected right to lock animals in filthy wire cages for years on end.

Yeah, Tom, I think that's definitely the avenue to pursue here.


“Seems that lots here have lost their patriotism when it pertains to puppies....” - I lost.

You know better by now whispering, think trifecta! Grammar check the Nazi while you question his patriotism when leaving with the loss.

Oh, wait, you’re Leopold. How sad.


"It's time to kick them back, people."

Why do I get the feeling your dogs know all about your kicking habits.


“You're no heroes. You're a bunch of thieving swindlers.” - Did that help make you forget about my claim about “Section 1983”?

No Tommy. A little help please.

Tom K

You're no heroes. You're a bunch of thieving swindlers.


I'm not finding your case Tom K, at least nothing referencing Section 1983. A little help?

PS. I'm not a thief.

Tom K

One problem here is that a lot of you people who are posting in support of Proposition B would tell any lie that it takes. You have demonstrated a lot of contempt for human rights, too.

It gets a little obvious because the biggest lie here is that people who breed animals for profit are animal abusers.

Several of you know when you or someone you know went to a breeder's home and lied about the conditions that you've found there. You are or you know people who have stolen dogs out of people's yards. You play "I can have it but others can't."

Those of you who have accused me of being a puppy miller, as if there is anything wrong with that, have proven that your viewpoint is immature and bigoted. Thank you for making the accusation. I also appreciate Katie K's accusation. It helps prove what I said about the people who push for Proposition B.

Every person who tries to enforce this law can be sued under section 1983. This has been done successfully in Louisville Kentucky. I suggest that a few breeders set something up so that you can sue. Small claims actions can also be filed against so-called humane societies and shelters that use this law or who send people to your home to help lie about the conditions that you keep your animals in.

I'm sick of the way that these so-called humane societies and so-called shelters bully people. It's time to kick them back, people. Dog owners know who the low-life thieves are.


Yes. Those photos are condemning...but not a rational look at a high percentage of the breeders. It is easy to condemn a majority for the actions of a few. Shit, it is the American way. Seems that lots here have lost their patriotism when it pertains to puppies.. Funny that it takes canines as opposed to people.

I agree with Tom K

There should be no unjust regulations against property in the US. The rest of you are all just commies.


The Amish puppy mill connection is particularly ... odd.


It's hard to argue with photos, Tom ...


Hearing that "Tom is a Humane Society plant" is one of the odder things I've read here. But, who's to say the regular wingnuts (Mark Robertson) here aren't liberal plants to make the TeaBagging John Birchers look foolish?

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