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November 07, 2010

Nike makes reforms

In the 1990s, Nike was accused of running sweatshops overseas. Sweatshops are factories that make products with harsh conditions where workers earn little pay compared to industrialized nations. This caused Nike to be the center of controversy and caused a public uproar.

In 2002, Nike proclaimed it would start changing its company by building new buildings and renovating old facilities. The Nike company said it would start paying its employees higher salaries. Over time, Nike started to become more ethical. By becoming more ethical, Nike obtained a better image.

Some still might say that is not enough for all the suffering workers went through and the rough conditions they endured. People wonder what the Nike company knows about its many overseas companies because Nike is based in North America.

Nike has been given a second chance. It has a newly revised code of conduct against sweat shop hours. It also states that workers are free to join trade unions.

Workers are now paid hourly wages — not by the number of products they produce. Nike is working hard to change its image.

Tucker Peve
Lee’s Summit


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