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March 03, 2011

Brave in Wisconsin

First the so-called tea party attacks immigrants, and then the “elites” — the bright and highly educated among us. Next, they attack teachers and collective bargaining rights. And in Missouri they attack child labor laws.

With these different attacks they systematically dismantle the social safety nets for kids, the elderly and the poor. Who will be next?

It’s difficult to ignore a frightening pattern of blame and verbal assault that will culminate in more confrontations between concerned citizens and short-sightedness as we are seeing in Wisconsin.

Just 14 brave Wisconsin Democrats have taken a stand to disrupt this cascade of fear, envy and ignorance. Kudos to them.

Debra Singer
Kansas City, Kan.



"These are the values inspiring those brave workers in Poland. They remind us that where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost."

RONALD REAGAN, Labor Day Address at Liberty State Park, 1980


.....what a great picnic


...well whispering, he may not have won by that large of a majority but he did run on
a platform advocating reducing the salaries of state workers and rolling back the 2009 tax increases in order to promote job growth which is what he is trying to do...

In the end it is up to the people of Wisconsin to decide if they want to elect these "brave" or "not so brave" 14 democrats again as well as the governor in 2014...


John S wrote: "Those 14 legislators aren't brave. They are well funded by the unions."


...And Gov. Cheesehead and the Republican legislators are a bunch of Kochheads.


No, no one in the media or elsewhere ever called Obama's victory "a landslide".

They probably did call it "an electoral landslide" which at 365:173 it was.

Wisconsin doesn't fill their governor's job by an electoral college. So, all you're left with is a 52:46 victory margin and not a landslide or even a "large majority".



"Tom Barrett 1,004,303 46%
Scott Walker 1,128,941 52%"

The Obama-McCain contest had similar percentages. I recall liberals and the media (but I repeat myself) calling Obama's victory a landslide.


Gee, if I refused to show up for work tomorrow, would that make me brave as well? The liberals are getting nuttier all the time.

John S

Those 14 legislators aren't brave. They are well funded by the unions.

There is no "false flag" here. The state of Wisconsin is broke. Much of the damage to Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and other states has been done by union collective bargaining agreements. We would all be better off if every state were right to work and NO collective bargaining.

There is NO "attack" on the unions. There is only a union attack on the taxpayers.

Americans have the right to life (end abortion), liberty (end Obamacare), and the pursuit of happiness (let Americans keep more of the money they work hard to earn).


"... he won by a large majority in November....."

Tom Barrett 1,004,303 46%
Scott Walker 1,128,941 52%


good one gonenative...actually I really don't know that much about Walker except that he won by a large majority in November.....


Gov. Walker and the Kochs have launched another battle in their continuing war on working people.

The WI public sector unions are only their latest target. "You" are next.

Hitler signs are appropriate for a governor considering "false flag" attacks on his own personnel to stir up support for himself. "Burn the Reichstag"!!

Smarter Than You

This “bravery” is really cowardice at the expense of 1500 workers and the State. The proposed law even allows for cost of living wages linked to CPI, something that doesn’t exist in the private sector.

POLITIFACT rated as true Governor Walker’s argument that not passing the law “"the equivalent" is 1,500 state employee layoffs by June 30, 2011 and 10,000 to 12,000 state and local government employee layoffs in the next two years.”

At least none of our liberal darlings are still telling the lie about there not being a Wisconsin deficit (Maddow, MSNBC, rated as untrue by Politifact).


I wasn't talking about signs, I was talking about OReilly showing footage of angry union supporters that were supposedly in WI, but the footage had palm trees in it. Whoops.

As far as signs go though, I find many of them humorous and on the whole to have much better grammar than the tea party signs. I find the signs with gunsights particularly humorous as republicans seem to have forgotten the meaning of irony. Also, wouldn't people like LL think the comparison between Walker and Mubarak a good thing? After all, he was our friend for so long.


I am not sure why you would lable these 14 legislators as "brave". How is it brave to camp out at a hotel while collecting a paycheck from your employer? If they were employed anywhere else, they would have been fired long ago for not showing up for work. We will see how the voters feel next election.


Sorry Casady...I did not mean to be judgemental...I don't usually watch O'Reilly or Hannity...I just see the daytime
news people...they are much more "middle of the road" so to speak...I do agree that there is a lot of bashing going on in both parties...


gonenative....one more point...the pictures I saw...the Governor of Wisconsin was in the picture of Hitler...and there were Wisconsin Senators there also....sorry you've been DUPED...they are NOT on Foxnews.com...show me your link on that.


I watch Fox quite a bit LL. That was a bit judgemental of you to think I do not. I do admit that I did not see that particular piece until it was exposed as being fake but I have a lot going on so my evening plans typically do not consist of gluing myself to O'Reilly and Hannity.

You and Indy are claiming that no one is making a big deal of the protesters carrying signs similar to those seen at Tea Party protests. My point was that you are mentioning it, Indy is mentioning it, and it is being mentioned by the Mainstrean Media via Fox News and other right leaning media outlets so apparently, people are making a stink about it. As far as the claims of hypocrisy are concerned, lets face it. We are all guilty of that to some extent. Certainly both polical parties are.


I guess that is where I see things differently. I think if you flee your state, hold up votes, and refuse to participate, you should face automatic recall. If your constituents don't like your votes, then that is what elections are for. Big difference in my book.


And lets not forget the fillibuster was written into law to slow down the voting process. it is what that law was written for. Please do not tell me anyone wrote the Wis. law for any reason other than extra ordinary times. Such as a huge snowstorm or some other disaster that might keep a larger group away. Not for one side to run and hide out of state.


These democrats will also have to face reelection. Also, the republicans in the senate did get major concessions from the administration and congressional democrats - including giving up the public option. As I said, there is no negotiation in WI. Walker is doing the ramming.

LL, you can find that footage on foxnews.com as well. Thought you had the site memorized.

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