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March 04, 2011

Buying prestige

It is interesting that University of Kansas Medical Center hopes to extort $44 million out of the community to “buy” the prestigious National Cancer Institute designation (2/8, C3, “Fundraising support is sought”). After doing everything it can to downgrade academic programs and disenfranchise a once creative faculty, it now hopes to fool the National Cancer Institute.

Other institutions earned the designation in response to their basic quality and expertise. KU Med Center has learned to buy its clinical expertise, while denying its students the expertise of qualified faculty. As long as faculty are considered “employees at will” and not partners in shared governance, can they produce the inventive progress that deserves recognition?

Perhaps the business community has been hoodwinked into thinking KU Med Center will bring a bioscience gold-mine here. Johnson County has already fallen for this sales talk. Will all of Kansas do the same?

Jon Scheinman, M.D.


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