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March 01, 2011

Combating homelessness

I was lucky enough to spend Wednesday night in the Friends of Community Media listening room at 39th and Main streets. KKFI, 90.1 FM, broadcasted the 14th annual Homelessness Marathon from Hope Faith Ministries in Kansas City.

Thank you to all the individuals and organizations for helping bring attention to this staggering problem that exists in Kansas City, as well as in most cities in the region and every part of the country.

This marathon was broadcast on 142 stations nationwide. Greg Adeline of KCTV-5 was a big part of the broadcast, and it was on Free Speech Television Network, Dish Network and was live on the Web at www.homelessness marathon.org

I urge all individuals to see the website and find out how they can help. Homelessness is a staggering and persistent problem that requires the government and private and not-for-profit agencies to work together nationwide.

David Davis
Overland Park


John S

There are far more of them since Obama was elected.

Jack King

Nah, they only existed under Reagan. There have been zero since he left office.....


"I think alot of the homeless are homeless by choice"-Ronald Reagan

....never would have voted for him had I heard that quote first, not because it is heartless but it's also friggin' stupid....

....being homeless has no party affiliation and as a rule neither the dems or the reps once elected gives a rats ass about them(unless it's a good photo op)....

Jack King

I thought there were zero homeless people since the Democrats gained power?!. I mean by reading the everyday press one would think there were none at all....zounds!

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