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March 25, 2011

‘Death panels’ ahead

Here’s one hypothetical government-to-patient scenario I could imagine under federalized health care:

“Well, because of the age you’re at, and because you’re going to die eventually (aren’t we all?), it would be futile to waste government funds any further on health care for you. So sayonara, baby.”

Here’s another: “Well, you’re already in your 80s or 90s, and are sure to die in the next 10 years. Besides, our population is too high, especially among the elderly, and we have to preserve Social Security for those who didn’t work or pay a dime into it. We’re cutting your benefits by 75 percent the next year and to zero the following year.”

That’s not American or constitutional.

William A. Ingram
Kansas City



.....btw Mr Jack King.....Crappie boats do exist, you know...


.....good morning Mr Jack King......

.....it was a play on Bass boat....like talking about a Yorkie, uh er Wolfhound or living in a subdivision in your neck of the woods when I'm on record as living over by the Plaza....

.....BTW, missed a royal flush over at argosy yesterday by a Jack of hearts....aargh!....funny thing was I thought of you.....

.......groenhaggen..... the rx you dropped off only had salt tablets in it..... don't need them

Jack King

Note to Spuds: Take a course in reading comprehension. I did not say to ignore that 6% (18 million) I said we could insure them for a hell of a lot less than $2.5 Trillion. Maybe we could get them a "waiver" (smile).



"No groinhoggin....in my experience bullies need a taste of their own medicine."

Which is exactly what I was doing with Solomon, ignorant one.

Ryan Roedel

No groinhoggin....in my experience bullies need a taste of their own medicine. Just callin a spade a spade. Solomon was just playin around...were you? From past posts, I wouldn't think you were.

Hypocrite huh? Whatever...

I will give respect where I judge it is due. That's how freedom of choice works.

Jack King

I fish, but I must confess I am not familiar with a "Crappie Boat"? I am intrigued though Mr. Solomon, does someone in Blue Springs have one? I would like to see it, and I do not live far from BSMO....

Let me know how to find a "crappie boat" on the web.....I do fish for them once in awhile.....right now we are coming up on the MO Trifecta and crappie are one leg of the trifecta!

Crappie filets, smoked wild turkey, and morel mushrooms.....It is a Missouri outdoorsman's only trifecta of the year.

Any info you could give me on the "Crappie Boat" would be greatly appreciated!




I realize that you're not that sharp. However, your Typepad account is under your actual name. It took no stalking on my part to find it. I merely clicked on "Casady" and your actual name popped up. It appears that the Star has now changed things so that can no longer be done.



There you go again. More insults from an anonymous coward.


......yeah, I'm sure now that he knows I have a Yorkie,er uh, I mean Irish Wolfhound he'll be staking out dog parks around the metro...

....if you recall we had a guy a few years ago proud of his name....kind of a putz, too....

....guess I'll sign off for a few more years until this guy get's locked up for molestation or meth or public mastering of his domain....I need a stalker (here at my split level in a subdivision in Blue Springs complete with competition crappie boat in drive) like I need a hole in the head....


No need to provide so much background Sol. I discovered first hand that Kevin is sort of a virtual stalker who finds out your real name and scoures the internet for personal information on you. Pretty creepy stuff really.


.....BTW kevin ol buddy.....I'm not at all offended that I've raised hot emotions in a manly man like you....do you only have a hatred for me or do you have a response to the question I asked in my first post? ....was the writer driven to send this letter based on anything actual that has been suggesting the gov't let old people die?....


.....nice to meet you Kevin, my name is Solomon..... do you require more of me? I'm old, retired, married once, great kids, no religious affiliation, financially comfortable, no political ties, a dog owner, green eyes, balding, a bad back that keeps me off of the links but I keep my weight down to about 175.....VERY good looking....I know this isn't craigslist but post some of your better pics and we'll see where it goes....

.....I'd share my last name with you but like yours it's kinda funny....



"And groinhoggin...what's that all about with Solomon? Why so personal?"

Wow. What a hypocrite.


".....wow Groenhagen.....a coward?......what exactly is it I'm afraid of?.....please select your insults with more precision...."

You're obviously afraid to attach your actual name to your insults.

"we're both on the same anonymous street here pal..."

Nope. My actual name is Kevin Groenhagen.

S Raddatz

Why in the world did the Star publish this crap? It's obviously the ramblings of a delusional mind.


...put out that match, it's a sniper...

.....wow Groenhagen.....a coward?......what exactly is it I'm afraid of?.....please select your insults with more precision....

....." a man walks into a Ferrari dealership....the salesman approaches and say's....so you're thinking about buying a Ferrari?.....the man responds, oh I'm buying a Ferrari but I'm thinking about [expletive]".....

....now that I've explained what I was joking about would you like to insult me again? I'll get things started....."your post reminded me of a drunken white sox fan running out and attacking an old man"....now, you say something clever back to me but don't call me a coward.....we're both on the same anonymous street here pal...

Ryan Roedel

This is a perfect example of conservative tripe.

And groinhoggin...what's that all about with Solomon? Why so personal?


JK...you make SO much sense...what's a18 million people in a country of 300 million. We'll just call it "collateral damage"


How is that different from "You're 38 years old with a fatal disease. While there is a treatment that has been sucessfully used in Europe, it's not approved here, so we just can't pay for that"?



".....sounds like this guy listens to too much AM and is daydreaming about Obama when he should be daydreaming about what real men daydream most of the time."

What would you know about real men? You're an anonymous coward who hides behind trees as he attacks others in a childish manner.

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