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March 03, 2011

Educate motorists on using area bus service

Johnson County is a car-driving culture. A possible way for public transportation to have a chance of succeeding is to increase ridership by educating car drivers that it is easier and cheaper to use the bus. This might be accomplished by a continuous education plan aimed at car drivers on how and why to ride the bus.

I have lived in the Kansas City area for 40 plus years and have no idea how to ride or use the bus system. I’m sure I am fairly representative of the majority of Johnson Countians in wondering why I should have my tax money spent on something I never use nor know how to use. Educate us.

Marlin Weyer
Overland Park



Educate yourself, Marlin. I see advertisements for The Jo on my television quite frequently. The information on bus service in JoCo is readily available.


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