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March 25, 2011

Foreign policy flaws

Where do we come up with these people in the State Department? They travel the world, meet the wrong people and have no understanding of common people. It appears as if the world doesn’t like us.

So what? I have traveled many places in the world and never had any problem with the people. Why? Because I never pushed our beliefs.

If I had the power I would notify the world that in three years we would close all U.S. military bases and end all foreign aid. Any country wanting aid would need to apply. And if we approved the request, we would send a team with the power to disburse funds as needed and to the proper individuals or companies.

Foreign countries would have to request U.S. military bases on their soil and be responsible for at least 50 percent of the operational costs, not including salaries and wages of U.S. personnel. This would save billions of dollars.

We would only be where we were wanted and millions of dollars would not end up in private bank accounts of rulers and their friends. I am a proud American patriot and will not apologize for my country.

Charles P. King
Kansas City


John S

Good for you Charles!

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