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March 02, 2011

Gasoline taxes galore

In Missouri, we are taxed twice for gasoline — once with the price at the pump, and a second time by the reduced mileage per gallon of gasoline that we get with the mandatory ethanol mixed with the fuel.

This requirement placed on us by the legislature is costing every citizen at least three miles per gallon.

It also fouled up my yard equipment at a cost of $187 to get the machinery fixed and a remedy to prevent this from happening again at an annual cost of $7.50. Plus it now takes more gasoline to mow the yard.

I feel we citizens should get a class-action lawsuit against Missouri to eliminate the mandatory requirement to add alcohol to our gasoline.

At least require the ethanol producers to switch to a less harmful source. In other words, get rid of the corn in our fuel.

John O. Johnson
Warrensburg, Mo.



Even Al Gore has come out now and has said ethanol isn't really all that great of an alternative fuel. He said his endorsement of it was for political gain at the time.

So, since he endorsed ethanol for political gain despite the poor efficacy of the product as a power source, let's do away with ethanol subsidies, ethanol content requirements, tariffs on imported ethanol and of course, most importantly, anything and everything Al Gore ever says again. He, himself, has admitted that he can't be trusted to tell the truth.


"... It also fouled up my yard equipment at a cost of $187 to get the machinery fixed ..."

You was robbed. And not by "Missouri".

John S

It doesn't take a class action lawsuit. Lobby the legislature to repeal the law.

Ethanol is a poor "alternative" fuel because it cannot compete with gasoline in either price or performance. I can show you the difference by my mileage log.


....good luck running up that hill John....the entire concept of "search for new energy sources" is not about to stop because your weed whacker wouldn't whack....I feel your pain about the yard though, I'm sure my illegal is going to charge more this year to cut it...

Jack King

Not to mention those poor souls who opted to put ethanol into their boats with plastic tanks Mr. Johnson. Ask them what happened.

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