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March 02, 2011

Keep law against Missouri puppy mills

For many years Missouri has been known as the most successful puppy mill state in the U.S. This is not a distinction of which Missourians should be proud.

There are, of course, many breeders who breed humanely. To insist on humane treatment of canines by the rest, 62 percent of Missourians voted to raise standards of breeding.

Legislators in Jefferson City are trying to overturn the proposal to curtail the cruelty to dogs and puppies. Many stipulations in the bill, such as cleaning the kennels and giving the dogs a break outside the cage, would not even be a financial concern.

Our Almighty’s creations deserve better care than puppy mills provide. Do the legislators want Missouri to be the “Show-Me” state or continue to be the “look-the-other-way” state?

Lois M. Bunn


Perry P

A democratically passed initiative is being retracted. Hmm. Do the puppy producers that provide 30% of the nation's puppies contribute any money to the politicians?

Terry Ward

We can only continue to be amazed that responsible breeders CONTINUE to protect the puppy-millers.

This defies all reason.

Anything that will put a crimp into the bad breeders can ONLY help the good ones.

The reputation of Missouri's responsible breeders slips further down the tubes EVERY SINGLE DAY because of their inexplicable refusal to
support Prop B.

The rest of the world sees this ONLY as an attempt to hide something.
Check out the internet if you don't believe this.

WE do not equate the responsible breeder with a puppy-mill .

The breeders are doing this to themselves.


"62 percent of Missourians voted to raise standards of breeding."

Good grief, the media never gets anything right when it comes to Prop B. The measure barely passed, it was 51/49 not the 62% quoted in this articule. The entire media coverage of this has been very one sided and filled with inuendo's and in fact, outright lies to pass this piece of freedom stealing garbage legislation. Playing on the emotions of people and not facts. It's surprising the vote was as close as it was, with all the dirty tricks played on the hard working and tax paying citizens of Missouri.

Terry Ward

We just read that the vet Jim Foster is contemplating euthanizing an entire kennel.

Jim Foster
February 23 at 1:41pm

I have a kennel client who is contemplating euthanizing their entire kennel. They have lost their trust in rescues and do not want to become a target of the activists".

Possibly Stouffer has uncovered a local HSUS/ al-Qaida cell.

Fear of being an 'activist target' is certainly a creative excuse to for the breeders to rid themselves of dogs.

Whomever has breed rescue contacts in that area (Shelbina), please pass this info on to them..
We will pass this info on to the Humane Society of Missouri and to the pro-prop B FB sites in case they have breed-rescue contacts..

Please call Jim Foster and POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY ask him to PLEASE wait until the breed rescues can at least be notified before he euthanizes the dogs.

Foster, Jim DVM - Red Barn Veterinary Service

(573) 588-4472

528 E Maple St, Shelbina


Prop B was unclear, phoney and very misleading and mislead a lot of voters, apparently as you have been, to vote yes for it!
It was phoney to begin with and the professional breeders could all see that.
How can you classify all Breeders as a puppy mill? That is like classifying all voters as BLIND SHEEP! What makes you think that Prop B was written up by professionals? You are excepting the terms in Prop B to be correct when we , the professional breeders know better because the new laws actually harm the dogs. What makes you think that we are not Professional Breeders? Our dogs are in a safe, clean and controlled environment and get as much if not more attention then pet owners dogs do. These are highly valued dogs with high pedigrees and champion bloodlines and they are given the utmost attention and probably cared for much better than most pet owners dogs. Research needs to be done on both sides of the fence before making a false statement because we are not all puppy mills and our dogs are our passion, our way of life and our love. The current laws are being enforced and are just and fair as they stand. The bill needs amended to allow the descent breeders to continue to raise their dogs and puppies and not be called names for it. Yes, it is a business but it is also a passion for most. We should not allow the HSUS to dictate to the professional breeders on how to care for our aniamls. Make the state and USDA do their jobs in the first place..


If the legislators overturn what the people want, then the legislators should be overturned. Let's vote them out.


The current ACFA regulations do a fine job of regulating dog breeders.
Prop B was and is not necessary. Does nothing to fix the problem. The main issue is that HSUS started name calling some long time ago. They started calling Missouri Dog breeders "Puppy Mills" there is and was no validity to the name (which has no definition). If Missouri was so bad I can assure you that puppies of 40% that are in pet shops though the US wouldn't be replaced when sold with more Missouri puppies...One should be proud to be a Missouri Dog Breeder..(if licensed)


Lois says: "Many stipulations in the bill, such as cleaning the kennels and giving the dogs a break outside the cage, would not even be a financial concern."
Do you even know what is in Prop B? Those two things you mention are already current regulations.
Prop B demands expenditures that most dog breeders will not be able to meet.
How about the space requirements that will demand breeders build new kennels or make massive renovations?
How about outlawing kennel designs that are perfect for small dogs and making them live on the ground with the ticks and snakes?
How about depriving breeders of property rights?
How about jail time for very minor violations?

Terry Ward

We would love to be in the room when Jack King calls my grandmom
a 'radical' because she has no use for sport huntin'.

He wouldn't have the cojones...

Jack King

The HSUS has been called out for what it truly is and does. It is no surprise their robotic followers do not care for it. They are an extremist group that has no factual basis for most of their actions. It is time they and their "employees" were taken to task.


As long as people continue to buy puppies from pet shops, there will be puppymills. I'm sure the legislature will never ban pet stores from selling puppies, but maybe in my lifetime, people will get a clue and stay away from places like Petland. I won't even buy dog treats there.

Missourian for Animal Care

Prop B cannot be enforced as written! It is an unfunded mandate and is in direct violation of our state constitution! Changes must be made to address substandard operations while protecting the rights of law abiding citizens and our Missouri economy! Prop. B passed by a narrow margin of only 60,000 votes! Missourians were lied to by the HSUS propaganda and their out of state campaign funding! Missouri doesn't need Prop. B -- the laws in place are working! Wake up to the HSUS radical animal rights agenda!


As someone who works at the HSUS, and has seen the impacts these puppy mills have, it is appalling to me that people are still trying to ignore it. The fact is, that Missourians have spoken, and it's time that legislators listen to what their district wants. It's their responsibility to listen to the people (you know, those people that voted to put them in office....), and you will see that if legislators voted the way the their districts did, Prop B would be upheld. 18 of 34 Senate districts favored Prop B, and 88 of 163 House districts did as well.

The "Realistic" legislators that Mr King refers to, have had years to address the problems of puppy mills in MO. When they failed, the people of Missouri spoke up, and it's their duty to listen to their voters, and uphold Prop B.

Jack King

I dunno Mr. Ward, any organization that advocates banning all sport hunting I would say is "radical" in this country. Any organiation that wants to interfere and overide state wildlife and conservation departments, I would call radical. I am not saying the association with the HSUS Prop B folks makes you criminal, I am saying it makes you highly suspect. As my sixth grade teacher Mrs. Mylar always told us, "show me who you run with and I will tell you what you are!"

BTW, I am a proud Life Member of an organization of freedom loving Americans that happens to be 140 years old, the National Rifle Association. Please don't expect me to be ashamed, or bashful, about quoting them on any topic.

It does not surprise me in the least that someone of the ilk of HSUS would stop at nothing in a lame attempt to discredit them. Particularly when their organization is such an abject failure.

Terry Ward

Jack King is fibbing...
Here. verbatim, from a link Mr. King provided on a previous thread, proof my initial statement, that supporters of Prop B could be considered as having criminal intent by association with HSUS.

By the guys totin' the guns, no less.

" NRA ’s new provisions offer specific defenses against known and predicted threats from the radical animal “rights” extremists like those at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS )"

Watch out folks, be careful what you say in Missouri.

Jack King

I do know Mr. Ward that rural Missourians have not advocated banning all sport hunting. The HSUS has. I do know Mr. Ward that no Rural Missourian has advocated banning the hunting seasons on doves, and wolves, and various other game in various states. The HSUS has.

I know the HSUS has never bought habitat for wildlife, or prepared habitat for wildlife like numeruous rurual Missoruians have and like organizations such as DU have.

I would not call the actions of HSUS "Marxist" or "Dictatorial"; but I would call them foolish when they do act as in the case of this law, and impotent when they act in wildlife conservation areas.

This is bad law, passed upon the backs of the gullible. Amend it or abolish it. It will be a cold day in you know where, when some animal rights whack job tells the American Hunter anything about wildlife conservation and management or about the humane treatment of our dogs.

The American sport hunter is responsible for bringing back and preserving a vast number of speicies, including deer, the wild turkey, and numerous goose and duck species. And he has done this in spite of organizations like the HSUS.

Terry Ward

The issue is, if you supported proposition B, there are a LOT of folks in Missouri who think you might have criminal intent.

Like Jack King , maybe..

For instance, Charles Kruse, Missouri Farm Bureau President, said this: 'If Proposition B passes, these radical animal rights organizations and individuals won’t stop there."

And the Missourians for Animal Care said this about Prop B, and about you: "Terrorists are determined to abolish animal agriculture in our country".

And there is this from Karen Strange: "Proposition B is a socialist agenda ".

And look here what was replied to Ms. Strange from a 'fellow' Missourian: " I agree with Karen Strange in that Prop B is politically motivated. These people have socialist views." We will evict ALL socialists, marxists, communists and fascists from the American landscape"

Now that these sword rattling rural activists are controlling Missouri's voting system, who might they have in their cross-hairs?

Some Missourians may begin to think twice about what they believe, or about voting at all.

Jack King

Well "Gone" just a couple of points. The legislation only carried in KC and ST. Louis, not in Springfield, not in Columbia, not in Rolla, etc. Would you like it if all the political decisions affecting you and you life in Kansas City were made by the folks in Joplin? That's why our state and our nation are democratic republics. You see the folks in Montana get two Senators, just like the folks in New York.

There is no such thing as a "puppy mill" that is a term coined by the HSUS to stir the masses. There are some bad breeders, but we have laws on the books now to catch and punish them. I have been in kennels all over the state and would not hesitate to put my dogs, that I dearly love, in any of them.

Don't let the folks who want to ban sport hunting, Ducks Unlimited, and other Conservation groups convince you of a lie. HSUS and PETA are first cousins, if you like a hamburger once in ahwile, you should support neither them nor their policies.

Terry Ward

"FOOD SOURCE" John S ???????
What have you been snacking on?

We will ask John S a little question.

Why, John S, does 'agriculture' care SO much about puppies?

Is it for their hides?

For their meat?

For their ribs?

For their milk?

For their fur?

For their bone meal?

For their rendered fat?

For their offal?

For their puppy- bellies'?

For their puppy-futures traded on the NYSE?

For their puppy-meat packing plants?

For their export value?

For their adrenal glands?

For their government puppy-crop subsidies?

For their supermarket puppy-chops and steaks?

For their live puppy sales speculated on the Dow?

For their value on the Kansas City Puppy Livestock Exchange?

Why John S, are 'puppies' missing from ANY government agricultural reports?


We think the only Trojan Horse here is the horse someone rode in on what ate y'alls brains.


We have adequate laws, hence MO is the puppy mill capital of the country. Baloney. The issue here is whether or not the legislature should ignore the will of the people. I thought that's why we were "taking our country back." I'm surprised rural voters who generally like less government interference would support the legislature overturning this vote. Who knows what side the power hungry legislature will land on the next time. Imminent domain anyone???

Keep the legislature in check.

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