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March 02, 2011

Kudos to Funkhouser

Four years ago, Mark Funkhouser was the person our city needed. Can you imagine the course of events if the other person were elected?

I can: It would have been the same old, same old.

In spite of his missteps, no one can dispute the fact that Mayor Funkhouser deeply cares about our city. He used his financial expertise to prevent previous tax giveaways. The mayor helped bring about needed change in the city administration and focused attention on areas of concern in the center of our city.

So many thanks to Mayor Mark Funkhouser for four years of devoted service.

Carol Winterowd
Kansas City



Four years ago, Mark Funkhouser was the person our city needed. Can you imagine the course of events if the other person were elected?

Carol Winterowd
Kansas City
I believe Carol chose not to mention Alvin Brooks because, even though he is a good man as you mention Sol...he would have been more of the same (Kay Barnes)...

...Only thinking of spending...and of course...all in downtown KC...

red rover

Apparetnly Carol is not acquainted with Alvin Brooks. He would have brought a boat load of class to the mayor's office and the city. Compare that to the boat load of crap Funk and Queen Gloria arrived with.


Funk messed up when he said he could not do his job without his wife and moved meetings to his home justy so she can be apart of them. Other than that he would have had my vote again.


This is a REPOST!

Congratulations to the KANSAS CITY STAR, they have reclaimed City Hall by replacing a Mayor they could not intimidate or control -- Whether Sly James or Mike Burke occupy the “OFFICE” both have had the endorsement of a newspaper that has been meddling in this City’s government for too many years.
Reminding us Funkhouser is the first mayor in 20 years to be denied a second term James or Burke will not make any mistakes -- With the Star’s blessing they will be running for 8 not 4 years and subservient to the social and political “WHIMs” of a once respected Newspaper that morphed into a checkout stand “RAG” to oust a sitting Mayor! -- For the gullible voter swayed in this Primary by the Star’s choices, they offer us ONE of two “ATTORNEY’S” to replace a man that had been a City Auditor for 18 years – Watch your purses and wallets ladies and gentlemen.
Faith in the Star’s political sponsorship?---- Remember the Star also endorsed then crucified Mark Funkhouser, the man they were unable to seduce with or subscribe to their editorial “GARBAGE”!!!


I voted for Funk as well in 2007. He articulated a great vision for the city, he knew details and sounded rational every single time I heard him speak. However, he was incapable of making his vision reality. He couldn't develop the relationships he needed to, and he could seem to cut his losses. Instead he doubled down - as he did with Gloria. Seems like the city has been at a standstill since 2007. I've never been so glad to see someone go.

Jack King

Kudos to anyone who "wants" the job of Captain of the Titantic they are either nuts, or really and truly naieve. Funk should be the happiest sob within the city limits. Get on your horse Mark and get the hell out of Detroit, er, ah, Dodge.....lol...

John S

Da Funk isn't the problem. Gloria is the problem. Since Funk claims that they are inseperable he becomes the problem.


.....can you imagine if the other person were elected? ....it's ok Carol, you can say his name...Alvin Brooks....

....as someone who voted for Funk because of what I thought he was capable of, the joke was on me....he proved to be petty, vindictive, whipped and over his head....there is a reason people are "one term" anything....don't know how Carol see's Kansas City as strong due to his time as Mayor....

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