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March 25, 2011

McCaskill must go

Sen. Claire McCaskill has been “sick” to her stomach for four days since the airplane issue was found out (3/22, A1, “Senator tripped up by back tax”).

Really? That’s exactly how I’ve felt since her “yes” votes on the stimulus package, the bailouts and the Obamacare scam bill.

Start packing, Sen. McCaskill. I hope she’ll be in the unemployment line just ahead of me.

By the way, where’s my waiver?

Sharon Stathopoulos


Jack King

I have only one comment that will defeat CFAM (Claire-fata$$-McCaskill). Here it is. "Barack Obama has no better friend in MO than Clair McCaskill".

Start printing the bumper stickers now.

John S

Claire is out in 2012. She currently has two Republican challengers: Sarah Steelman and Ed Martin. She also has the entire Missouri Tea Party movement as opponents. There is no way she survives the next election.


'She's dead meat' - LL

You better come up with a candidate other than Steelman. Remember, the Dem voters will come out of hiding in 2012 and Claire will tag along with every one of Obama's votes.


McCaskill is weakened now, but no one has stepped up to run against her. I don't see her getting replaced.

Posted by: David | March 25, 2011 at 11:23 AM
wanna bet? She's dead meat!


...... a political party decides who to run against, and a determined rich insider in the state of Missouri is gonna be hard to beat....


McCaskill is weakened now, but no one has stepped up to run against her. I don't see her getting replaced.


..... given her history why is anyone shocked?


McCaskill is in a lot of trouble. I hate it when my favorite people take their own hikes on the Appalachian trail. It would be best for her to resign, and have Nixon appoint a replacement that could then run in 2012. I suppose her ego will be too big for that, so we're in for long, drawn out ethics investigations. Sigh.

Jack King

The most self-aggrandizing pol in the history of MO politics has really stepped in it. I wonder if the press conferences will slow a little, or if she will double up on her efforts.

The most dangerours place to be in the world is between her and a television camera.

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