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March 28, 2011

Misguided in Kansas

As I read the news out of Topeka, I think the Kansas Legislature has lost its collective mind, and I am heartsick. Our legislators appear bent on stripping all human services from the state.

The quest to lower taxes may appear laudable, but it is so only if fiscal conservatism is combined with compassion and intellect. I can see neither in today’s legislative news. All I see is an attempt to return us to the days of the robber barons and political machines that concentrated power and wealth with a few while ignoring the welfare of most citizens.

I urge voters to seriously consider an anti-incumbent agenda in elections to come.

Kathryn Moore
Manhattan, Kan.



Hi Tyler...not happy with the wealthy? I wish I was wealthy, too., but the list of capitalists named on my list actually did add a lot to help grow our country in all kinds of businesses...

.......USA=Capitalist Nation.....

...but there are worse things....


Rich Capitalists or Robber Baron, I'd say they're synonyms.


List of businessmen who were called robber barons:
John Jacob Astor (real estate, fur)—NYC
Andrew Carnegie (steel)—Pittsburgh and NY
Jay Cooke (finance)—Philadelphia
Charles Crocker (railroads)—California
Daniel Drew (finance)—New York
James Buchanan Duke (tobacco)— Durham,NC
James Fisk (finance)—New York
Henry Morrison Flagler (railroads, oil, the Standard Oil company)—New York and Florida
Henry Clay Frick (steel)—Pittsburgh and NY
John Warne Gates (steel)
Jay Gould (railroads)--New York
Edward Henry Harriman (railroads)—New York
Mark Hopkins (railroads)—California
J. P. Morgan (banking, finance, industrial consolidation)—New York City
Henry B. Plant (railroads)—Florida
John D. Rockefeller (oil), Standard Oil-NY
Charles M. Schwab (steel) Carnegie Steel, United States Steel Corporation, Bethlehem Steel - Pittsburgh and New York
John D. Spreckels (San Diego transportation, water, media)— California
Leland Stanford (railroads)—California
Joseph Seligman - banker
Cornelius Vanderbilt (railroads)--New York
Charles Tyson Yerkes (street railroads)--Chicago.

Are these men all guity Tyler or just rich capitalists? I'm with Jack - I want to be a rich robber baron...


Pretty easy, example A: Wall Street. Example B: CEO's. Now, if you are trying to tell me they deserve their exorbitant salary's, then it's not even worth talking with you because we are on opposite ends of the spectrum. But, it only takes 2 things to be a Robber Baron and that is wealth and unethically obtaining it. I'm pretty sure there isn't a CEO in the world who can claim that they have been completely ethical in their career. Therefore, they are all guilty.

Jack King

I want to be a robber baron!


kem...I agree - I want to hear about the "robber barons"!


It would be nice if you would give even a single example of returning to the time of the robber barons. It's easy to spout off. It's more difficult to do so intelligently.

John S

I see an opportunity for people to get away from the welfare plantation and take charge of their own lives.

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