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March 03, 2011

Pistols not for all

I get a kick out of all of the wannabe cowboys making up reasons for them to carry a pistol.

The sad part is that some who really want to carry a firearm are the ones who should be barred from carrying for mental stability reasons.

Guyen Morrison
Kansas City



Anyone who has questions goes to hell. Mother Theresa, sorry, hell. Better luck next time.

Posted by: ggbridge | March 06, 2011 at 08:12 PM

Thanks for playing GG, but i do not think i will be taking theology lessons from you.

But I do have a question. If it is all made up as you and Sol believe, why do you care what I believe? Why is it sooooo important for you all to try to shake the faith of others who do believe?


Short answer: Jews, Hindus, Muslims, non- born again Christians, everyone who doesn't take Christ as savior goes to hell. Anyone who has questions goes to hell. Mother Theresa, sorry, hell. Better luck next time.


The most interesting thing here Sol, IMO, is your complete understanding of why I am like I am. And that you seem to know why i believe what i believe. yet you have not once asked me why.
There are about 7 million Christians in North korea even though it is a criminal offense and punishment includes prison and even death in many cases. There are many Christians in every Muslim country in the world where death is likely if caught, especially if you are a convert from Islam.

But like the atheists on this thread you have determined to do 2 things. Tell me that my belief is due to where i have grown up, but the North koreans and others would laugh at your arrogance. And 2, as i have said, you won't do the simple thing and ask me why I believe. As a matter of fact in the last go around, i gave you a very small reference as to my story and you cursed at me. (But you weren't angry then, as you told me so! (:>))

You made mention of the trial because it is a gotcha you have learned that causes many Christians to be uncomfortable. But funny how i gave you a plausable answer but you ignored it, and acted as if i ignored it, but i did not. Which has become the standard fare for the atheists I talk to everywhere. Or non believers in the God of the bible, whichever you prefer. You also ignored the truth that if it were all exactly the same you would have a problem with that also. Because you do not believe and do not want to believe. because to believe is to give up your self will and become obediant to God's will. It is not just get out of hell free insurnace.

).....so, do they go to heaven if they're poofters?....IYO....
....I'd also like to know your opinion on what happens to the souls of our KIA soldiers who believe in the Allah version of god.......
Posted by: Solomon | March 04, 2011 at 08:57 PM

Christ came to earth and died for their sins. It was a free gift from God. But like you Sol, anyone can choose to go their own way. Anyone who does not confess Jesus before men, will not enter into heaven. "The gospel is foolishness to you who are perishing, but salvation for those who believe."

BTW Sol, as much as you would like to concentrate on homosexuals, there is no special place for them as opposed to you. "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Without Christ we all suffer the same fate.

So what is next Sol? If you are going by the standard playbook it should be a question about someone living on the mountain top in isolation. LOL!


Sol, we know the answer. An American soldier who fights and dies and has not taken Christ as her savior is doomed to hell. Gandhi went to hell, who knows about Mother Theresa, as she had her doubts. On the bright side, the serial killer who discovers and accepts Christ as lord - heaven. Thus is the belief of born again Christians.

As grim as Christianity is, I could find more amusement following the Royals.


....zeno, all religions have a story and you accept the one you "choose" because christianity became the state religion of the roman empire and subsequently the European continent and you were born in Ammerica....of course as a grown man you've chosen not to be a Buddhist or a Daoist, in your quest for fulfillment you've accepted the supernatural story your culture has reinforced...had you been born in Albania you'd probably be muslim....your religion chose you as much as you chose your religion.....I think that is a fair statement....

....I made mention of the trial only because even within your chosen book of reference there are discrepencies that you ignore because of your faith....you accept that accounts were changed over time but insist that the things you believe in happened....

...as far as phelps, I don't think it's added silliness at all...I've read numerous posts here in UL on the topic claiming homosexuals to be sinners based on the act, even to the point that gay marriage is a blasphemy...please correct me but I thought christians who feel that way think gay's will go to hell for their sin's.....phelps is just the manifestation of that belief(an ugly belief).....so, do they go to heaven if they're poofters?....IYO....

....I'd also like to know your opinion on what happens to the souls of our KIA soldiers who believe in the Allah version of god.......


OOPS the bunny trail paragraph should read -I know you are NOT stupid. Otherwise there goes the friendly banter!! LOL


Gee Sol, you are upset because one gospel has a trial in daytime and one at night. So you aqre Ok with there being the trial. What if the trial started at night and carried on into the day or vise versa?
I once was on a jury where a guy shot someone in broad day light. 3 witnesses one 5 feet away the other accross the street and the other upstairs. One thought it was a silver handle gun and one wasn't sure and the one closest thought the gun was black and huge! One thought he had a white shirt with red trim and the other thought it was a yellow shirt. Was he convicted and were we sure he was guilty, oh yeah. There was other evidence of course but i think you get my point.
Sol, you don't believe because you don't believe and that is your right. But to think you can discount the 3 eyewitnesses and others stories from the time of Jesus' death because they are not exactly the same to each detail is silly my friend. And i suspect if there were exactly the same in every details you would be claiming collusion (sp?).

It is a bunny trail, but you answered me so I will answer you. Not the Phelps part, because i know you are stupid and realize the gay part for Phelps has nothing to do with their true passion about homosexuals. Otherwise they would not have branched off to military funerls. It is about inciting violence against themselves and the subsequent lawsuits. So please give up the added silliness here. Again I think you are a smart guy, so don't try to prove me wrong.

If you believe in Jesus, He said you would abide in me. jesus is the word of God and it is clear in the word of God no sinner will inherit the kingdom. Homosexuality is a sin, just like any of the other sins. Your sins, my sins, anyones sins will keep them separated from God. So if you continue to sin you make a mockery of what Jesus did on the cross for us as a propitiation for our sins. The bible tells us in 1st john that no one who abides in jesus continues to practice sin. If a homosexual says he believes in Jesus but won't confess and repent of their sin, then the conclusion is clear. Along with liars, drunks, etc..

And before you go there, lots of people who sin including homosexuals are nice people.

Over and out on the bunny trail. (:>)


....correct me if I'm wron, zeno....the 4 gospels describing the trial of jesus all contradict one another....was it during the day, was it at night, were there witnesses, etc?....

....I don't know what would compel anyone to religious martyrdom, but I do not take the gospels and the stories of the apostles as factual truth so your explanation is meaningless or more accurately no more significant than any other testimony at the point of death.. ....no offense...

.....just for fun discuss another topic I sarcastically raised today.....how much different is what Phelps clan is doing from the desire of many Americans wanting to bar gay marriage based on it being a sin? Are they good enough to die for us but not get married? And do gay's who believe in Jesus have a place in heaven given the sinful life they led?


but I don't give any extra credit for your guys who died for their beliefs....it's not like they invented it...people have died for their beliefs for as long as they've accepted someone's explanation of god....

Posted by: Solomon | March 03, 2011 at 04:03 PM
Sorry I was just able to get back to this. I actually agree with you, that if someoen dies because they have accepted someone elses explanation of God, that does not prove much. Well none of it proves anything. But when someone is an eyewitness and is willing to die and not recant, that seems a little different, wouldn't you say. Peter andrew stephen and others who were there when Jesus rose and showed Himself to them. And many others who saw the risen Jesus and went on to die rather than recant. That seems a little harder for you to write off. One guy maybe or two, but many that were willing in separate instances (not one mass stand with the bravado of a group) to die for what they KNEW was a lie? That is crazy. Who would do that? And to what end?

You did not sound angry at all this time. (:>)

John S

Pistols are wonderful machines. They never do anything by themselves.


We HAVE to be fully armed to protect ourselves from all the really CRAZEE people out there.



.....just so we are clear zeno, there is no religion I favor over yours...


.....zeno, sometimes when we have these conversations you say my words sounds angry...no anger at all in anything I'm about to say....to believe that Jesus died for you and was the physical manifestation of the creator of all there is in the universe and is separate , same and equal with that creator along with the holy spirit.....if that is not what you believe I apologize for suggesting it....

....and not to take this too far the other topic.....Christians made martyr's out of plenty of Muslims over the centuries, to say nothing of the worldwide quest of Christian western civilization to wage war or wipe out completely the native religions of Africa, Australia and the New World .....had a religion been discovered at the south pole christians would try to replace it....uh, what was your point again?

.....oh, by the way, muslim suicide "martyrs" are bad when they kill innocents, just so you know....no excusing them....but I don't give any extra credit for your guys who died for their beliefs....it's not like they invented it...people have died for their beliefs for as long as they've accepted someone's explanation of god....


Ok. And you can still be saved.

I am sincerely curious as to why you think #2 is true.
Do you really think I just beleieve the supernatural explanation a bunch of people who voided themselves in public arrived at concerning the true and absolute nature of god....

Or is it even possible in your mind there is more reason than that for my absolute belief?

And do not get thrown off subject. But maybe you could explain how people who were martyred for their faith voided themselves in public. Unlike muslim martyrs who think they are getting something good by killing people as a martyr as they die. Peter, an eyewitness could have just said, "yeah your right, it is all fake and I would rather not be crucified for a lie"


.....zeno, I gave you three answers....

......1}putting yourself out here as one of our more outspoken if not downright thumper makes you my go to guy when I need to be told I can still be saved....

......2)you really believe the supernatural explanation a bunch of people who voided themselves in public arrived at concerning the true and absolute nature of god....

......3}I enjoy talking to you....


.....sure would be fun conversing with an Arian....too bad they were persecuted to near extinction....


Oh and Sol, I take that as you do not have an answer for that question. (:>)


"Maybe our Zeno is a Goth"

I do not think they would let me in the club! A 54 year old goth is just creepy I suspect!


"because your lap is so accomodating...."

Are u calling me fat! Or Phat!

Zeno was also a great greek philosopher. But that does not fit either, as no one in my family has ever been greek, great, or a philosopher!


Zeno was a pretty good ruler of Constantinople, but I don't think he was an Arian. Maybe our Zeno is a Goth. They were Arians.

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