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March 28, 2011

Prop B county option

The Missouri General Assembly is currently in a quandary over what to do about Proposition B (regulation of dog breeding). The fact that this initiative was approved by a majority of Missourians seems not to be a consideration.

Legislators from rural areas feel the voters were unduly influenced by out of state parties, and no self-respecting politician should permit the result of such a travesty to prevail. No doubt they themselves refused any financial aid from out-of-state parties regarding their own campaigns.

I think there is a way to satisfy all stakeholders. Make the law a county option. If the dog breeding business is providing jobs and tax revenue in a county, then exempt that county from the law.

It seems to me that we have precedent for such action. Five counties in north Missouri are exempt from our corporate farming laws. If we can make exceptions for hogs, then why not dogs?

Stanley Robinson
Princeton, Mo.



HSUS has killed the pork industry in Florida.
They are trying the same crap in California, and they just about killed the dog breeding business in Missouri, and now they are going to Nebraska. I tell you what Wayne aka "Terry Wards and Shelly Powers' Prince" Why don't you just sit in your cushy little office in NY or LA or where ever the hell you come from. Do your job counting your money you have swindled from the American Public. Buy lots of Tofu and stuff it down your $5000 suit wearing self. I will try to continue to work hard on my farm, barely pay the bills, and try not to foreclose on my property.


I just don't understand why it is so hard to understand that the problem has ALWAYS been enforcement. It has always been required that if you sell puppies, and have more than 3 (or 4?) females you have to have a Mo license. So obviously, Mo hasn't been able to enforce that law. Allowing the rules of Prop B, makes as much sense as saying since there are speeders in Mo, instead of providing more enforcement of current speed limit laws, we are going to outlaw driving period. This is what the AR want to do, put ALL breeders out of business.

Terry Ward

Embarrassment, actually.

Terry Ward

You people are illucid.
And an embarrasment to Missouri's educational system.

Ruth K

"HSUS is like a cancer-unless it is cut out early it will continue to fester and grow."
Bill, you are sooooo right! The HSUS has to be stopped at the first intrusion into our state. HSUS cancer is terminal and will kill our dog breeding industry unless it is stopped now.
If allowed to remain, the HSUS cancer will spread quickly to other animal issues until it kills our poultry, hogs, cattle and goat/sheep industries as well.
STOP the HSUS. Support SB 113 and remove the deadly HSUS cancer from Prop B.


HSUS is like a cancer-unless it is cut out early it will continue to fester and grow. If you read the words of their prophet Wayne Pacelle - their goal is to eliminate all livestock farming.Bob H,Terry and Shelly P are paid by HSUS to troll the internet and to make inflametory comments to support the rantings of Pacelle. Like any radical activist organization their goal is to destroy as many people as they can with little or no regard. Ultimately Missouri will wake up and realize they have been duped by a commercial fund raising factory that uses the images of helpless puppies to line their own pockets and to destroy the legit businesses of many Missourians.I agree -let KC and STL implement Prop B.They were the only ones that wanted it anyway.Or better yet lets give KC to Kansas and STL to Illinois. Save rural Missouri and Missouri agriculture.


@ dogsarepets: raising and breeding dogs is a REAL job and a rewarding one too. You are one of those who know nothing of the hard work that goes into raising nice healthy puppies & dogs. A professional breeder does thank goodness. Pictures do speak volumes - you are just looking at the photos and film clips that are laden with lies.. Don't be fooled!!


Uninformed voter person: aka PETA. only the bad breeders do as you've suggested. Look for the breeders that hide behind their religion. We know where & who they are but very difficult to ferret out. This is a hint that maybe even you could understand. Or not. Get right on that, wouldya? And oh btw, are you a registered MISSOURI VOTER?


Propagandists,dog breeders, and getemout,you have had 50 years to make Missouri's Puppy Mill Capital better and you do nothing!!!!!! Pictures speak a thousand words. I hope all puppy mills are shut down! Stop being a parasite and get a real job getemout!


It will not shut down cattle, hogs, sheep. Prop B when the petition was filed in its heading guarantees Missourians by the Missouri Constitution that it only can be ONE SPECIES: DOGS. Article III, Chp. 50, sec. 275. Cattlemens and Farm Bureau has used scare tactics on you. If you had read SB113 and Prop B, you would understand that Prop B protects dogs. SB113 does not. Dogs at the hands of licensed breeders are suffering with breeders doing C-sections, no vet care, confined cages as told to your Ag legislators by investigators. I guess you aggies don't mind dogs being in confinement for their entire lives. Your commodity and our pets! We make the difference. I want humane treatment for these breeder dogs that your ignorance overlooks!


This article makes you think that you are saying our Mo officials were bought off. Prop B in is original form is not aimed at bettering the dog breeding business but rather running a lot of hard working , honest and good people out of business. SB 113 makes the changes that are needed.. I would say our Missouri Governmenet is doing a wonderful job in their research in this matter.


I would like to know what sheli powers, terry ward, and Bob H do for a living so we can get legislation passed to take away their jobs too. I mean what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

John S

Doubters, PETA freaks and propagandists abound. Read the language of Prop B. There are NO animal cruelty issues in Missouri which were not already covered by sufficient law.

Ruth K

First fix Prop B so that it won't put the good dog breeders out of business. It actually does have some value with the added funding and other changes. Then if Kansas City or St. Louis want the ridiculous breeding restrictions and requirements of the old Prop B, let them pass city regulations.


There is cruelty & suffering- we agree. We disagree on Wacko Wayne's targets. We won't tolerate being painted with the same paintbrush as puppy mills, as you people will soon see. We won't tolerate 'iffy' wording. The voters were misled. Compare the actual voting ballot (oh and btw, you DID vote in MISSOURI, right??) to the actual Prop B WORDING. One more week of OUR voters becoming INFORMED, and Prop B would have been in the gutter in the first place- WHERE IT BELONGS.

Bob H

Getemout - you're everywhere. Just like the cruelty and suffering.

I told you before - if you wanna protect agriculture, good buddy, build a scarecrow.

Leave the poor dogs alone! They've suffered enough in your puppy mill CAPITAL.

Your new bills GUT the protections. Period.




Jack King

One wonders why the letters editor keeps beating this dead horse? Entertainment value? I think he/she must have Terry Ward and Shelley on speed dial, lol....

Terry Ward

John S might share with us whom exactly is going to allow anyone to "shut down" the multi-million dollar " cattle, hog and sheep farming" industry in Missouri?

Nestle Purina?
Tom Vilsack?
Fidel Castro?

Terry Ward

Gee, the last time we looked there were no Chihuahua-chops in the grocery store.
Or Beagle-bacon.
And try as we might, we found no reference to Poodles in any government ag reports.

Maybe it's different in Missouri.

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