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March 28, 2011

Prop B county option

The Missouri General Assembly is currently in a quandary over what to do about Proposition B (regulation of dog breeding). The fact that this initiative was approved by a majority of Missourians seems not to be a consideration.

Legislators from rural areas feel the voters were unduly influenced by out of state parties, and no self-respecting politician should permit the result of such a travesty to prevail. No doubt they themselves refused any financial aid from out-of-state parties regarding their own campaigns.

I think there is a way to satisfy all stakeholders. Make the law a county option. If the dog breeding business is providing jobs and tax revenue in a county, then exempt that county from the law.

It seems to me that we have precedent for such action. Five counties in north Missouri are exempt from our corporate farming laws. If we can make exceptions for hogs, then why not dogs?

Stanley Robinson
Princeton, Mo.



Wacko Wayne tried to 'sneak in' DOMESTICATED ANIMALS. Uh.. no, we aren't buying that crapola. Nice try.


Continue OUR defense against the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act- run these lobbyists/activist OUT of our state. Watch that Nebraska governor kick their a$$ and take names! We're gonna run 'em out too.. OUT OUT GET OUT.

Bob H

That's not true, about the other livestock. That is a lie that was spread by the Agriculture Organizations. Framers should NOT buy into it. the law is about DOGS in commercial BREEDING operations. Period. I even got a legislator to admit that, even though he was being pushed by the Agriculture people.

Prop B is about dogs. The other legislation GUTS it. If we don't keep Prop B, the dogs will continually get the cruel treatment, and they will continue to suffer. Period.

John S

The problem is that prop B was sold to the public as a dog breeding bill. It is not that. Prop B will untimately shut down cattle, hog and sheep farming in Missouri and drastically raise meat prices. It was sold to the voters under false pretenses.

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