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March 25, 2011

Time to elect adults

The deficit for this year is $1.6 trillion and our noble congressmen are wringing their hands over $5 million in funds for NPR.

Next time, let’s elect adults.

Jon Erickson


Val Pfannenstiel

My observation of NPR is that they are the only network that has both sides represented most of the time. The problem is, the right likes simple uncomplicated issues and unfortunately, most issues are not black and white.


Thanks John S....I agree...

John S

If we are going to fund something with public money we should be funding something which is non-partisan. NPR leans so far to the left that it almost falls over.

Look at what they did to Juan Williams when he said that being around Muslims at airports makes him nervous.

Muslims at airports should make everyone nervous.


I've debated this issue to death...
boohoo...how ufair of those nasty republicans....can you all just get over it? - cuts are being made everywhere...


another example of our Tax Laws operating just the way the lobbyists want them to...



My idea of childish is getting elected to office, running out of state in the dark of night, and refusing to play because you're not getting your own way.

Tu Quoque

For a another perspective on NPR you might visit:



While we debate funding (or not) the CPB, this spending just keeps rolling along.



$5 million is a start, and we need to start somewhere.

Jack King

Why Jon boy, NPR is just absolutely wonderful. People just love it. I mean, look at the commercial success of Big Bird, et. al. They don't need tax money from us poor working stiffs. I mean they have all those donors, and they could, gasp, sell a few ads to make up that measely five mill!

By golly NPR, you just show those mean old Congress people, yeah, that's the ticket!

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