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March 28, 2011

U.S. hand in unrest

Maybe it is time to look at our American government to explain why all the turmoil is happening in the Middle East. Possibly the American government is responsible for the civil unrest and protests that have spread throughout the Middle East.

It would not be the first time the American government has covertly started unrest in the Middle East. We only need to look at Iraq and Afghanistan to see our American government’s covert operations at work.

Now President Barack Obama has taken it to a new level. He quietly approved a multimillion-dollar deal, now frozen, to provide refurbished armored troop carriers to Gadhafi’s army before the recent fighting in Libya. Today we are supplying the rebel forces with small arms and ammunition.

That is proof the American government is more concerned with control of the Middle East oil market than it is with humans suffering through a revolution.

Danny Martin


Jack King

Hell, I wish to heck it was about "oil" then the mess in Libya would make sense, and we could get partially paid back for our efforts in Iraq! As far as I know we get next to zero from Libya, and zero out of Irag, AND no price breaks!

Meantime the Man-child gives $2 mill of our tax dollars to Brazil and Soros to drill offshore there....go figure.


Hi Casady...you are right about that...but don't you think things might just be warming up in other nations such as Syria?
You can't think NATO would countinue battling throughout the middle east, or do you?


Hi LL, hasn't NATO pretty much taken over the whole operation at this point?


John...don't you think that we fund an awful lot of countries and in that...we also fund opposition? This war has nothing to do with oil for the US...now, France & Britian do buy a lot of Libya's oil - and they are our allies which is why we're involved to some degree...but,I want us out of there now, too. I'm afraid we've opened a BIG can of worms....


.....kem, it is rather funny that no one talks about the elephant in the room....


Danny perpetuates the old canard that our involvement in the middle east is to control the oil. Sure, oil is a big reason that we have a national interest in that area of the world. But, this isn't happening because we are trying to control the oil. If it was all about oil, as Danny insinuates, then why are we in that oil rich Afghanistan? Boy, Egypt has a lot of oil, now don't they. And the country who not only has a huge amount of oil, but would have been the easiest to exploit is Iraq. That hasn't happened, Danny.

So, let's get off this ....it's all about the oil argument.....unless you can come with any proof whatsoever.

John S

Do tell. How did you draw two such disconnected concepts together? The U.S. gets maybe 2% of its oil from Libya.

With that having been said, I want us out of there. We helped the mujahedeen in Afghanistan and they became the Taliban and Al Quaeda who came back to bite our backside on 9/11/01. We should learn from our mistakes.


Good point gg...I think that social media seems to have a lot to do with how the information is spreading so fast making things harder to catch up.


I would agree that ver often in the past this has been the case. However, this unrest in the middle east - starting with Tunisia -seems from what I can tell, and this is my opinion only, to be organic, aided fueled by something these people have never had before - information and social media. It almost seems like the US is continually playing catch up in this situation instead of running things?


....I agree with you Solomon...


.... is there anyone who doubts that we are funding opposition in every nation that we consider run by a hostile gov't?....I would think not....do we hedge our bet's(by having contact with the opposition) even in nation's that we have good relationship's with weak gov'ts?....I would wager that we do...

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