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June 28, 2011

Immigration laws

A June 20 letter writer writes that there should be stiffer penalties for people who violate civil rights policies. In the second paragraph, he calls for jail time for teachers, law enforcement, the courts, families and friends who “violate our rights as human beings.”

In the next paragraph, it’s job termination and prosecution for a teacher who “abuses the children or treats them despairingly because of ethnicity or color.”

In paragraph four, he writes that school districts should be prosecuted for not providing English as a second language courses. And finally, it’s jail time and fines to all employers, states, counties and anyone else who violates civil rights policies.

But nowhere in the letter — after jail and fines and termination and prosecution for states, counties, employers, law enforcement, courts, school districts, teachers, families and friends — do I see mention of jail time and fines for people who violate our immigration laws.

There’s no mention of deportation, either. Because he obviously supports enforcement of our laws, I can only assume this omission was just an oversight on his part.

Bill Wilson


John S

What do human rights and children have to do with immigration law?

If you are suggesting that deportation violates human rights and children I have to laugh. Their parents should have given that some thought before they broke the law to come here.


Bill did a really good job of providing a synopsis of the June 20 letter.


How about puppies? He seems totally unconcerned about puppies.

Richard Wagner

Bill Wilson is concerned about immigration law. Is he concerned about human rights and children?

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