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August 31, 2011

Foul behavior at KCI

My wife and I recently returned to Kansas City International Airport. We witnessed a person parking his sport utility vehicle in front of the door to the AA Baggage Claim and going inside to meet someone. He parked next to a no parking sign.

There was no one else in the car. It was parked.

When the parking police began to ticket him, he became enraged at the female officer, screaming at her and saying that he had only left his car for 30 to 40 seconds, when in fact we saw him leave the car for more than five minutes.

Finally two Kansas City police officers arrived, and he yelled at them for another few minutes.

Did this guy forget about 9/11? Does he live in a cave, or under a rock?

He should have received multiple tickets for illegal parking, harassing a police officer and general stupidity.

Bill Butler



LMAO....sounds like something Clay would do.....great comment,Solomon!


......he was the reason I was late getting back.....he was trying to get signatures from Tahitian tourists to have sand for our Lake Jacomo beaches put on the ballot....


Sol,did you also pick up Clay Chastain (sorry,couldn`t resist) ?


......I was only in the airport 30 seconds to pick up Sly Jr and Gloria....


No doubt, the bad driver/screamer had JoCo plates.

They always do. Was he driving a Benz?

The cops should have tazered him. Welcome to Missouri. "Don't taze me bro'."

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