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August 31, 2011

Leaving Kansas

I’m so thankful I left Kansas years ago for a saner state.

Kansas’ problems included efforts to cut funding for arts programs, anti-abortion zealots who will stop at nothing to get their way, and two cowardly senators who would not support Steve Six’s appointment to a higher court for no obvious reasons.

Yes, Kansas is the Land of Aahs.

Steve Theno
Kansas City



The last time I drove across Kansas I was nauseated by the constant barrage of billboards with religious messages.

"Thank God your mother choose life."

"Jesus Saves"

"Abortion Stops a Beating Heart."

"Choose Life."

Wow....I couldn't drive through fast enough and I kept my money and spent it in another state....one that didn't believe in taking away my personal freedom.


As if everything zeno writes is 100% truthful and accurate.

U of Misery, Ruskin Art Fence Critic

days, mere days, after my last class, I scouted the chain link 'round the American Siberia.

I crawled half way thru. I got stuck. I chewed my arm off.

I ran far. I ran fast.


Meh, I don't care. I might only have a problem with the designation of Missouri as a "saner state." We are the home of Republic, after all, no Kurt Vonnegut for us!


Steve makes Kansas sound pretty good. But I'm still not going to move there.


I will await GG to come on here and call Steve a coward who left the state with his tail between his legs. And that he has no right now to talk about things in Kansas.

But , being the hypocrite she is, I will not hold my breath!

Ah, and the lying one, showing us once again its ability to shut down that devise called its brain.

John S

Sounds like KS became a saner state when you left.

100 whispering? Really? You have no shame over the lies you tell, do yo?


Thanks to the new (R) legislation raising speed limits to 100mph, people can now leave Kansas faster than ever.

At 100mph, you won't even have time to stop for that Jackalope, see the world's largest ball of twine or oogle the biggest hand dug well before you're out of the state.


When you left, the average IQ of both states became higher.

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