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August 31, 2011

Nuclear weaponry

Despite his pledge in the Czech Republic to rid the world of nuclear weapons, President Barack Obama in May 2010 authorized $80 billion to “modernize” our nuclear arsenal. This is complete madness.

Any use of nuclear weapons guarantees only mutually assured destruction of the world, its people, plants, animals and ocean life.

Obama’s assent to this spending was the price to be paid for Senate approval of the New Start Treaty with Russia promising reductions in both nuclear arsenals to 1,550 deployed warheads each.

Part of that money is being spent here in Kansas City at a plant currently under construction at Botts Road. It is a complicated project to construct parts for nuclear weapons, and it involves dollars from the federal government, the city and the county.

If, as Obama promised, the U.S. is serious about ridding the world of nuclear weapons, why should we spend $80 billion increasing our own capacity for nuclear war?

Michele Chollet
Kansas City


U of Misery, Ruskin Art Fence Critic

Ah not a word 'bout the non nuclear opinion.

Ya take the bombs off of the rockets. Ya blast some canals.

Then you get some titanium non nuclear war heads. They scream down on the target. They dig deep. No collateral radiation.


"modernizing" doesn't mean they are going to make more... just that they are going to have mechanical engineers fix the oldest, least efficient, mechanical parts so they are more stable and less dangerous to US.


......nuclear cutbacks will arrive in the same taxi as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Jesus Christ...


The beauty of nukes is that they're the perfect weapon.

A weapon of such power that anyone would be foolish to use it. The Mexican stand-off.

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