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August 31, 2011

Sensible tea partiers

Tea partiers are simply clear-thinking, Constitution-loving, conservative voters who speak and act on principle and conviction. We are not wild-eyed lunatics or extremists, as some portray us.

We leave the “image makers” to unprincipled politicians who can’t seem to speak without first taking a poll or seeking the advice of their consultants.

When we advocated against raising the debt ceiling, we were simply telling our politicians to start cutting whatever it takes to break your insidious spending habit.

There is nothing complex about that, is there? They’ve abused the freedom far too long, and we intend to take away their credit card.

For the record, there is no tea party per se. We are simply ordinary citizens with similar conservative views.

We don’t always agree. We happen to lean toward the Republican Party, which existed before it was invaded by RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and weak-kneed compromisers.

Politicians have the freedom to heed us or ignore us. Tea partiers, on the other hand, have the freedom to exercise their right to vote at the ballot box, a cherished prerogative.

Mary Ann Brennan
Overland Park




"Nearly all TeaBaggers are Republican. They've done surveys and almost all TeaBaggers are GOP."

They've done surveys in San Francisco, and 99.99% of your fellow teabaggers are Democrats.

Of course, those in the Tea Party movement would tend to vote Republican since the GOP is more opposed to big government than the Democrats are.



"Hmmmm...and what is the republican tea party legacy for this century? Preemptive war, running up deficits, destroying the economy and blaming the other party for all three. Classy."

Hasn't Obama done all three?

John S

Brandt -

Did you step off a moving train and fall on your head?

What image did you conjure up when Obama spoke about bringing a knife to a gunfight or when Congressman Mike Capuano said it was time to get bloody?

I would love to hear your comments and see your images based on those remarks.


Whoa. Well this a new one. I'm going to say no click. Because I'm compelled not to.


......what's the protocol here? Are we compelled to click on the link on account of him being compelled to draw something?



If you are Tea Party, you are a terrorist. Sarah Palin is a mouthpiece for the Tea Party which represents nothing but hatred and dissension. Her rhetoric and violence-inciting imagery IS a form of terrorism and a prime example. She held Jared Lee Loughner’s hand while he murdered people with his misguided sensibilities. I was compelled to draw a visual commentary showing her handing him the gun on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/01/sarah-palin-made-me-do-it.html She'll go to any lengths and keep spewing her insanity for that attention (and the money of course.)

Big Daddy

The irony in that argument is that there are no laws stopping anyone from voluntarily sending money to Washington. Anyone can do it.

So when Warren Buffet says, "Tax me more" I wonder what is keeping him from writing a check?

High profile entertainers such as Oprah, Bono, Sean Penn, and others rail against the GOP and scream that the governments needs to tax the rich. But I don't see them sending in an extra payment with their W-2's.

Those people could live in a nice double-wide, driver their own car, and cook and clean for themselves. Why don't they take all that extra money they spend and instead, send it to the government? After all, the government is pledging to fund programs for those that are less fortunate, right?

The difference is that if they were to send in extra money then that would be voluntary. And when it comes to voluntarily funding an government nobody (me, you, Oprah) nobody wants to do it. So to be fair, the government appoints itself as a regulator and then authorizes itself to take what it "needs". Only, this in and of itself is what causes the problem.

What-ever government takes from the private sector is disproportionately removed from the private sector. Therefore, more government assistance is needed to provide services. Now they have to "take" more to fund those services and the cycle starts over.

Want proof? Reverse the cycle and watch what happens. With a Republican controlled congress and the proverbial gun pointed at his head Clinton signed into law the largets welfare reform bill ever. Suddenly, welfare receipients would have their own verison of means testing done to determine benefits. Those that could provide for themselves would be cut off after two years. Skills training was provided to these people for free. Job placement services were provided, for free.

And the welfare rolls dwindled. Clinton ushered in one the most prosperous times in our country's history. Much of the credit goes to the information age which flourished without government intervention. But it was also due to extracting government from doing what the private sector can do for themselves...better.


I like it big daddy. They(gg, lying one, mark) will come back and say that is because of not taxing the Millionaires...that 80 or so billion dollars will cure everything.

Big Daddy

I guess I'm confused. Are you saying that there are NO black, asian, or hispanic tea party members?

I certainly hope not because a cursery google search turned up scores of "minority" tea party members.

But I don't understand the rhetoric of race in this argument. What does race have to do with it? Tea party members advocate for smaller government and less taxes. Where is the race card? I don't see it.

It's a tiresome tactic used by the left to inject race into a discussion that has nothing to do about race. They say you are a white racist and you feel obligated to defend yourself. Then the discussion gets totally sidetracked.

Wanna' know why? It's because they have nothing real to dispute it with. They say, "The Tea Party was willing to toss the economy over the cliff by not backing down on raising the debt limit". Well now....that's is a two way street. If the Democrats (specifically Obama) would have been willing to take the cuts necessary to offset the increase then we wouldn't have found ourselves in that position, would we?

Yet....mysteriously....it's the Tea Party that was willing to toss the baby out with the bathwater. How come Obama isn't being targeted for his convictions too?

I know, I know. This makes a lot of sense. So I expect to read, "You're white....and Old....and you watch Fox news".

I am white, I'm not old and I actually watch Morning Joe (Chaney was on today). You see, I like to get both sides of the story before I make an informed opinion. And I have both sides.

Listen, WE ARE BROKE! WE HAVE NO MONEY!! If you want your government to spend money they have to take it from someone else. They don't make anything. They only take, take, and take some more. And as long as you sheeple keep quiet and let them (Republicans and Democrats) they will continue to take.

The solution is to stop spending. That would be the shared sacrifice that Barry is preaching to us all about. No more national parks, no more federal education department (what do they do, anyway?), limit medicare/medicaid, means test social security and raise the retirement age, stop the wars, quit bailing out foreign governments, and on and on and on.

It's a spending problem. Not a racial problem. Figure it out...it ain't that tough.


The lying one: angry, white, and it only listens to the voices in its head. No other voices welcome.

NURSE med check!


My mother in law was a democrate forever, imagine my suprise last year when I heard she went to a tea party rally at the tbones stadium...wow shocked after 20 years she has seen the light. But i guess she would fit the lying one's descriptions...she is white, old and on social security. But you know what lying one...those are the people who always vote


TeaBaggers: old, white Republican people. No one else is welcome.




"Beginning in 2006 we interviewed a representative sample of 3,000 Americans as part of our continuing research into national political attitudes, and we returned to interview many of the same people again this summer. As a result, we can look at what people told us, long before there was a Tea Party, to predict who would become a Tea Party supporter five years later."


BTW, Mark just for grins. Who did the "study", and what were there methods of research? Did they bother to talk with any actual tea party members, or was most of their info gathered from the likes of your twin brother the lying one??


Nice to see the lying one up during the day to add laughs to this site. And now his twin brother Mark H has appeared. Who needs the comedy channel?

U of Misery, Ruskin Art Fence Critic

Tea Partiers = GOP Lite


"... I'm sorry is this supposed to be a joke? ..."

Sadly, no. It's no joke. That's what they really believe to be true. Of course, it's only truthiness instead but just try and convince them of that.

Mark Hastert

I'm sorry is this supposed to be a joke? A study was published just two weeks ago. Tea partiers are older, overwhelmingly white, conservative Christians who were always Republican leaning. On the whole they have always had unfavorable views of blacks, hispanics, and immigrants. Their hierarchy is highly organized and well funded by conservative financiers and Republican functionaries. They are intolerant of any views but their own. They have always been a small minority of the Republican party. RINOs as they like to call them are and have traditionally been the majority influence. In the past few months there has been a groundswell of resistance coming from within the Republican party to put them back into Pandora's box.


If your the lying one you believe that the Booga Bottom Cafe was in existence 100 miles from where it was and operating 10 years after it closed. You believe you were there eating pie and rinking sweet tea just like a farm hand. (Exactly like the internet stories you copied).
If your like the lying one you may be so medicated that you actually believe the garbage you spew out.
But then you would just be a lying crazy one.
NURSE MED CHECK BED 5 !!! And get that computer away from it.

John S

whispering, just keep on rockin'. You are doing a better job of exposing yourself than I could ever do!

Thanks for your input!

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