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August 31, 2011

Use better light bulbs

Some Americans are creating an uproar, protesting the upcoming ban on incandescent light bulbs. Rep. Michele Bachmann announced that if elected president of the United States, she would allow all citizens to buy the old, out-dated, energy-sucking bulbs.

Rep. Bachmann, please get out of your air-conditioned houses, limos, jets and offices. This summer, numerous heat records fell nationwide.

It’s hot. Livestock and crops are withering. Our fellow citizens — from infants to the elderly — are suffering and dying.

As patriotic Americans, as fellow humans on this bruised and battered planet, changing light bulbs is the least we can do.

It is the American thing to do.

Deborah Boman
North Kansas City



You had better never have one break, if so you cannot put it in the trash. The American thing to do,huh most new bulbs aren't make in America. I guess this is the American thing to do.


CFLs are toxic. Instead of saving the environment, CFLs are actually destroying it when mercury contamination, ultraviolet radiation, and radio frequency radiation are factored in. CFL producers are being handed a monopoly in the light bulb market by the federal government and are being cheered on by corporatist environmental groups. Why have corporate environmentalists and the government joined in an alliance with the electrical industry in promoting an undeniably dangerous product? Whose side are they on anyway? Residential lighting takes up only 0.8% of energy consumption. Just a drop in the bucket. It takes exponentially more energy to manufacture CFLs compared to incandescents.


OOPS last sentence should read "in any way other than trying to prove it is man made"


Zeno -

I've said nothing sensational. I didn't say that we'd all die. Pull your head out of your ***. Its frustrating that people like yourself and Kate can't be inconvenienced with doing their part to better our environment.

Posted by: TRA | September 01, 2011 at 11:27 AM

The funny part is you seem to forget it is all written down. Go back and read what you wrote to Kate. And BTW, I am the guy who has the CFL's in every light, we recycle at home and at my workplace, and I drive a ford focus which gets about 30 miles to the gallon.
But I am also the guy who challenges the screaming heads who are freaking people like you out. I was a teen when the scientists were warning of a coming Ice age. I guess they were wrong but oopsie, no biggie. I look at climate gate and unlike you, think why oh why would they want to fake the science? You on the other hand want to look the other way, and continue the chicken little chorus.

GG, there is money in the opposition (big oil). Never said there was not. But going green has become big business also. And if you can open up your eyes even for a second, you would realize you are not getting any money from Academia if you are researching GC_GW_CG in way but trying to prove it is man made.


Thanks David...I am "middle of the road" but I do drive on the right side of the road. ;-)


Seth- Another example of this phenomenon was seen immediately following the travesty known as cash-for-clunkers. Individuals who were used to conserving gas in their older model cars suddenly had the freedom to drive more often, or for longer distances, and gasoline consumption increased as a result.

The idea that central planners know what is best for hundreds of millions of individual actors, and what means to use to achieve their plans, is simply ridiculous.


......sensational .....nonsensical ........welcome to the realm of unfettered threaders ......


I have nothing against efficient bulbs.

But, for those who think more efficient bulbs will reduce energy consumption, I wonder if you have ever heard of Jevons paradox (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jevons_paradox)

"In economics, the Jevons paradox (sometimes Jevons effect) is the proposition that technological progress that increases the efficiency with which a resource is used tends to increase (rather than decrease) the rate of consumption of that resource."

We made appliances more efficient, but we use them more and more of them (we replaced clotheslines with dryers, we added dishwashers). We made air conditioners more efficient, so we built bigger homes and stores to cool and added them to our schools. Cars are more fuel efficient, so we can afford to live further from work and drive more.

The bad assumption folks make is holding consumption constant when a resource becomes more efficient, like switching to CFLs. That likely won't happen. We might keep the bulbs on longer, we might add more light fixtures (finish a basement, add security lighting) or we might take the savings from the CFL energy cost and use it to buy bigger or more flat screen TVs.

In other words, efficiency gains are usually taken as an improvement to lifestyle, not as a saving to the environment.


I'd call this entire thread a bit sensational.


Zeno, I guess if you can’t get people to buy a product based on its merits, you get the government to intervene and wipe out the competition. Then start demonizing anyone who dares express a preference for the old product. Which eventually leads to unquestioning acceptance of ever more intrusive government regulations.

TRA, you compared using incandescent bulbs to releasing nuclear waste into the water supply. I’d call that a bit sensational.


Zeno -

I've said nothing sensational. I didn't say that we'd all die. Pull your head out of your ***. Its frustrating that people like yourself and Kate can't be inconvenienced with doing their part to better our environment.


Mmm...yeah, the sun chip bag scenario really makes me see the plus side of government regulation. When did we become such a nation of whiners?

Posted by: ggbridge | September 01, 2011 at 10:55 AM

Spoken by the biggest loudest whiner on this blog!


Kate the point went right over the heads of the GW religious here. And TRA, wanted to make certain you knew he missed the point by going stark raving nuts on his post!

Yep we are ALL GONNA DIE, WERE ALL GONNA DIE, WERE ALL GONNA DIE!! Actually, we are all gonna die.

BUT Kate, wants you all to die sooner and have her children and grand children live in a dirty rat infested place! If the rats can survive!

WHEW! I glad we could avoid the hyperbole on this thread.


David – the bag’s 95 dB. Subway trains are about 100 dB. Here’s a video – the guy’s a pilot and he says the bag is louder than the cockpit in his jet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyKqj3H02D8

TRA, now you’re talking. I’ll show you a great place to dump trash. It’s right next to a snowy egret nesting ground. Nice drive. I’ll take you there in my SUV. It runs on kittens. Ground up by Haliburton employees.


Mmm...yeah, the sun chip bag scenario really makes me see the plus side of government regulation. When did we become such a nation of whiners?


Kate - sounds like you were part of the problem. Because of a minor inconvenience to you, Sun Chips bags will continue to fill our landfill. And because CFL lights don't produce the kind of light you enjoy, you'll continue consuming more of our nations energy. You know what, I'm sick of taking out my garbage to the curb! I'm just going to start throwing my trash out the window. I bet its really inconvenient for nuclear power plant to dispose of their waste. They should just throw it in a river or something. Since you brought her up, maybe you should try to do something to help you granddaughter grow up in a cleaner planet.


Why such passion about a chip bag?


Keep up the good work Republicans (Sarcasm font on - not you LL, we all know you're independant- Sarcasm font off) ...



TRA, I love Sun Chips. I hated the bag. My husband hated the bag. My daughter hated the bag - she wouldn't open it when her baby was napping. The grocery store cashiers complained about the bag every time they scanned one and the sackers complained every time they stuffed one into the cloth grocery bags. There was even a Facebook page set up for people who hated the bag.

The company used packaging their customers didn't like, so to keep their customers, they changed the packaging. Would you prefer the government require people to buy products in packaging they detest?

Why do you hate the free market?


Kate -

You remind me of something I read recently. Sun Chips made a bag that was totally biodegradable. First of its kind. But people complained. Why? Because they were too noisy. So forget about trying to help the planet and make it better for the future. It's too much of a nuisance right now to change my light bulbs. How do you not see how ridiculous that is?! Republicans talk about not leaving a debt to our children and grandchildren. What about leaving them a cleaner planet? The ignorance and selfishness is unbelievable.

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