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September 26, 2011

Dock Chiefs’ pay

I know it’s too late for negotiations, but something that should have been considered if the Kansas City Chiefs football team loses five games it should automatically begin to start taking a percentage of the players’ salary.

I see no reason to pay their exorbitant salaries when they should be getting an incentive to earn that salary.

Donna Craven


uncommon sense

What really disgusts me is these fools get paid more in 1 year than any average American will see in a lifetime of hard work. They get paid this simply because they can play a sport. In the Chiefs case, they get paid this simply because they CAN'T play a sport. I'm not a fair weather fan. I am frustrated because these guys look absolutely horrible on the field...it's not even a contest.

The players shouls pool all their money together and pay for everyone's parking and tickets for a couple games. They should offer discounts like retailers do (clearence) for items that don't sell too well. Maybe everyone should actually stay home? I doubt that would work since a season ticket contract is already paid for before the season begins. I mean, who wants to just waste money?

Maybe the players could put their money to use and buy everyone a bottled water @ $4.50 each. That would be a start.

Or maybe they could just pull their collective head out of their collectives a$$es and play some actual PROFESSIONAL football...

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